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Tuf to Love
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September 26, 2018

Life works best when you are good at ‘giving and receiving’. Love especially does not work well if giving and receiving doesn’t flow unimpeded by past life issues as part of your makeup. Life has all possibilities from devastating to heavenly, and for the most part you have the choice to flow with either. Actually, not making a choice for best options is to invite unwanted negative guests that keep you rowing against the tides of life even in the rapids of a wild, boulder filled stream. Unresolved problems send out invitations attracting more problems that attach themselves to make an outlook more and more difficult.
Be friends with your higher self, or at least be friends with the continual focus on being friends with the focus of that opportunity. Drop the ‘r’ from friends leaves ‘fiends’ meaning negative, cruel spirits. I call it ‘frenemy’. A frenemy is a friend who continuously alternates between friend and ‘fiend’ or enemy. The worst enemy is being your own worst enemy, but usually projecting that it’s the other person. Try finding that rare person who is emotionally, mentally, spiritually balanced with love of themselves, then realize that they are a clear mirror to see what is ‘just you’ as the problem.
Being a good person has a wide range of subjective opinions. Good is sometimes rotating with ‘negative’, when then your perception allows you to be a ‘pain in the ass’ or worse. It’s like having a gourmet meal except that a little arsenic was thrown in! The good ultimately isn’t worth the ‘arsenic’, or objectionable behavior. If you have issues that you haven’t let go of, and whether you’re with someone who has very little or lots of them, it’s still you as the ‘arsenic’ that ruins the ‘gourmet meal’. Who in their right mind would want to bed with you for very long as long as you have an emotional plague, and one that you project on the other, as well as refuse to take responsibility for, or even show effort to fix with clear intent?
Life is karmic. Why should parents that raise a well adjusted kid, and yet another who demonstrated life changing abuse to their kid, expect that abuse should have the same good results as the parent who did a great job? We get what we create. Drinking alcohol steadily while in pregnancy and then expecting anything other than a kid who grows up with a drinking problem is likely delusionary wishful thinking – maybe caused by too much drinking.
Always, the good news is that through perseverance and openness to help from another, who has no ‘battles with inner problems’ is, with your sincere focus, a help to let go, and seeing who the original perfect-like being that you really are. Just be open, seek one with the best answers, and do what’s necessary to let go, and you will be free with an abundance of love flowing endlessly.
You're Okay
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