Kids are Gurus

Kids are Gurus
September 19, 2018
Children from before birth are teachers, and continuing throughout life. To have and be with children, and to nurture them is to activate the love within you. Raising children is a spiritual journey. It’s just a choice to see it as such. Love of many kinds and levels activates it’s qualities such as compassion, empathy, and all forms of caring. Different expressions of love are steps to a deep love of self and a flowering of the lightness of being. Love with awareness creating an open, mind allows seeing more and more of the intricacies of this amazing life. 

Like a small percentage of lucky people, I was raised in a near ideal parenting. Both of my parents, with 7 children, were dedicated, balanced, hard working people (stay at home mother) who were very caring in giving us a near ideal childhood in a small, coastal logging town of the North West. For them it was doing the best they could with what they had, in a way spiritual, but not really one that was a continuing spiritual opportunity as we grew up. Certainly, you can live in ways that are spiritual, but at some point not furthering the journey and choosing to just live pretty ordinarily, and as they did.  

Times have changed where much information, partly because of technological breakthroughs and deeper understandings of exploring the wonders of spiritual evolvement methods, have and continue to surface. Information regards to all forms of healthier living continue to surface among the barriers of ignorance and confusion. Everyone has an opportunity like never before to let go of what bogs them down as they take the steps to higher realms. 

Children of course need your love, and you being loving to yourself. A deep love of self doesn’t need to be to give love to children, but a deep love, or growing to that, needs to be with a partner. Being loving or sensitive is karmic for the return of like. Do ‘everything’ with love especially with all the living. Kids need to learn from you as well as you learning how to tune into their wants and needs while using ‘tuf love’ in loving ways when needed. Children are a blessing and need as much positivity around on a daily basis as possible. Adults and/or parents have an opportunity to contribute to the evolution and light of the world that is so desperately needed at this time. Falling back happens when people live in a slumbering state that easily becomes one of the seven daily sins called ‘slovenliness’. Rising in love and consciousness begins with lovingness with your self the helping others rise with your energy. Always be able to express the innocence of a child.           


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