Verbal Positivity

Verbal ? Positivity

September 13, 2018
The spiritual and conscious way to see all things is from a rational and heartfelt way. The aim of any useful spiritual practice is to dismantle cherishing the thoughts, opinions, and ideas that make up the false self, the self that is seeking the mundane. This is the true task of both meditation and inquiry. 

Can you be emotionally controlled negatively by words? Is it in fact just your perception. Is it your attachment to a negative meaning? One of the hidden reasons for learning to meditate or being motivated by a deep love is to see anything said in a negative way to not react, or at least be aware of why you are reacting, and if that’s a rational or loving way to see them? 

Life is an art and the greatest expression of that art is to always be focused on the ‘art of love’. You never know where you are going to find love, but keeping the mind and heart open makes it a ‘love lottery’ more likely to show up in a myriad of ways. Relying on ‘luck’ or just moseying along is to avoid the higher elements of your spiritual conscious self. Be open to letting existence take you by the hand and lead you on an inner journey.  

That journey leads to a freedom from all attachments to happenings. The smaller of happenings is the verbal, both from you and from others. All words that provoke negative ‘attached to perceptions’ are signs of a need to go deeper in the spirit of consciousness where the negativity in all words are not mind altering to the dark. The phrase, ‘politically correct’ is a divisive, censoring way to inhibit free expression and a control divisiveness. To be ‘spiritually correct is to always be guided by heart felt direction, and not be  judgmental or frivolous, and quick to make those.

Kill censorship! Free speech is everyone’s birthright! Do you have it in your home? Free speech begins with your ability to talk openly, and to allow others to be open … and even it’s from a closed minded or myopic viewpoint (yikes). Why be a milquetoast when it comes to having the courage to use the spiritual phrase, ‘skillful means’ to navigate communication in as positive and truthful way as possible. So called ‘politically correct’ use of words including the growing list of words never to use. The list at this time seems to grow yearly and is replaced by silly ‘delicately correct’ letters of the alphabet beginning with ABC skipping one ‘D and E’ to the ‘F’word, then to the ‘J’ and ’N’ word. With this trend of socially correctness, more and more of our verbal interaction will be ‘letter’ words!?*:-? thinking

It’s all about you having the courage to ‘let go’ of others censorship. Freedom of thought, expression, and word usage is to be free to come from the soul or the real you! Be a master manifesto of the positive.


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