Romancing a Dog

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September 7, 2018

In the Western world we have a problem! Now that ‘liberation’ has happened, people are commonly finding out that whatever relationships they have, there is unending disappointment. Usually it is both partners bringing unresolved issues to the romance that is a  falling in love, which is ‘love falling or failing’ once the ‘real you’ shows up. That ‘real you is NOT the real inner you but someone who thinks that they are ‘stuck’ with their unhappiness with how they were brought up, and sadly meet someone else who is in the same basic position.

Get a dog, cat, or whatever pet and you might find yourself loving them more than you have anyone! Many even sleep better with their pets than the partner they once loved! That all can be a good thing! Dog and cats are a multi billion dollar business here, and in some countries they just serve them up for food which I find distasteful. This pet loving as a ‘person to love replacement’ is very, very common and growing in the US and Europe. Today, I even see people pushing strollers with a dog or cat in it. Have seen people with small  dogs strapped to their chest. Have we gone to the dogs, or just gone too ‘doggone’ far with love because the dog or cat is more loving than another human?

A pet to love is wonderful especially when there is no other source of love as  strong. That source however can be the love of yourself deeply. No love is stronger. Love of another is a reflection of loving yourself or the absence of that love to whatever degree. It’s true that to find a pet to love, sadly is much easier than finding another human to  love even more and deeper. The world today is a ‘looking glass’ of the past imperfections, traumas, short lives, etc. Negativity is in your DNA and can be changed into your ‘original spirit of divinity and love’ which lies in wait hidden for you to open.

Loving a pet as your only love, as much as it might seem ‘odd’ or whatever, is really an excellent choice especially if you don’t allow yourself to see that the love of yourself, and being with someone who also does, is a reflection of love.
Love of self is of high consciousness. Two people with ‘high conscious love’ is a space of love like no other for it’s total ness and depth of godliness. It’s a blessing to your DNA and experiences throughout life like no other. Harmonious  connections of two equal spirits is life changing, and what everyone really deep down wants. It’s easy to come by if you’re open and in a let go. The harder situation is to attract that energy from another, but in being open to it, brings many blessings and joys.  Love yourself completely, and all answers will blossom as time goes on!
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