Treading Water or …

Treading Water or …
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July 10, 2018
Isn’t it way past time that you need to clean up the mess you’ve created? Apologize for your mistakes and apathy by ‘reverse engineering’ what you could be as a conscious human if you had paid better attention and got off the rock of apathy. There are millions like you who rationalize that what differences could I make? There are murderers and thieves who rationalize the same way, convinced that their ‘indiscretions’ are minor compared to someone else or the masses of like perpetrators.

Get a fire in your heart, let the mind set the parameters of imbibing life to it’s fullest. Things are often darkest before the dawning of a new idea, experience or vision. Take a look for open doors and go into them with awareness and discernment. You can have whatever you feel entitled to with common sense. Limits are self induced, especially the limits you put on yourself which if you step back with openness, you will see that what you need and sometimes wish is all within your imagination and action for it. 
One life can make a difference, BE that ONE today. Saying the unsayable, thinking the unthinkable, doing the undoable reach into your heart, and let it open doors for  the mind to see. The rationality or not inherent in these positive-style ‘unsayings’, or apophasis (denying that you’re mentioning something, at the same time mentioning it) is beside the point. Many of us recall someone from our early lives who made a difference in making our lives better. May have been parents, grandparents, neighbor down the street, or anyone by what they said or did that resonated in a positive way.  

My best friend, bless her soul, when we first met, had a negative impression by an author friend because of a rumor she had heard. Shortly thereafter she read one of his books, and apologized that she had gotten a wrong impression. Years later, she became well known among hundreds of thousands of people who had read one of her many books influenced by that initial author. Instead of treading water and working at jobs that just earned a living, and living a life not participating in anything making a difference, she dedicated herself to what many, many will be influenced by and carry on to make a difference because of her. In fact, her pursuit could be a part of a paradigm shift in how people live and think.

Collaborating with the infinite possibilities of aiding one to help others is here for us like never in history. Even focusing on knowing who you are and loving yourself is a light unto others to help them be that one too. You may never know it, but one light can set light to infinite lights as giving to one, and that one giving to another, a domino effect can happen from one to another and on and on. Giving what’s most valuable is free, and that is love in it’s many ways. Still waters may run deep, but stagnate. Running brooks and rivers keep moving like each one needs to do to be making a difference each day.  Give by validating another with a smile, compliment or favor. 

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