C – Word

C  – Word
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 June 1, 2018
N – word; F – word; B – word; H – word; C – word (2 C words); S – word; G_d word; PT – word, MF – words; tits, on and on! Socially correct, or the continued dumbing down of America!? Whatever it is, who cares when 80% of the world has no idea of how to speak english? Words have power, but letting them have negative power is a sign of self abuse and negative programming. You are a product of your conditioning, and conditioning means either what you’ve fallen into letting the ‘outer’ control you, or you Can do self reconditioning by choosing the level of what words define you.

currently, social media is under fire for fake news by twisting and omitting what otherwise would make stories more truthful. ‘Politically correct’ is still the guideline for what listeners can be fed/hear. People are being fired from TV news and shows for a poor use of words deemed ‘politically incorrect. It’s all about control by sponsors of ads, and hidden agenda ‘gate keepers’. The world is being exposed as filled with lies, scams, and disinformation as the lights of transparency turned on brighter. It’s time for people to burst the bubble of illusion which certainly includes the falseness that you have allowed yourself to become. 

Most live a life of lies about who they really are, and accepting who they’ve allowed themselves to become strangled in a strait jacket of no ability to grow beyond the self illusions. ‘Finders Keepers’ is a common expression to justify having the luck of possessing something that has no seeming owner. Why not be a finder of who you really are irrespective of word games, and their control of your life ’til death.  

In my ‘LetGo’ meditation groups, that are about letting go of attachments to everything, especially what are really illusions and false interpretations, I use an old meditation technique that certain ‘fundamentalist christian groups’ practice.  That is ‘talking in tongues’ or the latihan (kejiwaan) of the spirit being a result of a renewed contact with the divine force of life which is a natural process that arises. On occasion, I have substituted a different technique where 
participants close their eyes, and for a short hour talking in ‘tongues’, only using recognized ‘bad words’ interspersed with ‘gibberish’. Then finishing with 10-15 minutes with eyes closed, and just being the ‘watcher’ of what comes up on the mind that has been ‘reset’ –  it’s called ‘meditation’.

Words have definitions that are ‘made up’ by man. Take flowers or trees – to know all the names may be wonderful but many acquired their names only in the past 100 to 200 years. The word ‘god’ where did it come from? Did it come from a shortening of the word ‘good’? Use of the word ‘god’, and many to day who have no idea how to define the ‘indefinable god’, go into judgment about you. Worse yet are the religion’s proselytizers confronting you as to whether you ‘believe in god’. We might surmise that it could be said, ‘do you believe in good’- which make no sense, since obviously, it takes no ‘belief’ as many think, and is beyond belief. Let go of attachment to ‘uncomfortable words’. Love filling a clear heart, lets go of negative attachments.
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