Challenges of Love

Challenges of Love

 June 3, 2018
Happiness to suffering and every point in between, life is an endless continuation of challenges non stop. The key is taking each event as an opportunity to accept, enjoy, or convert to the best way to handle and respond to the situation. 
In the long run, waves big and small come to rock the boat of your life with seemingly little expectation of there coming, and often you may well discover that resistance is futile just as little waves of answers come in how to surf through them. 

Clearly a major problem with challenges, is not seeing them as such and even going into denial that they are there. Worse yet is not accepting the likelihood that you created the situations and/or the reaction to them be it refusal to deal with it to make the necessary adjustments to alleviate the issue of concern. How challenges are dealt with, are indicators of who you are with ‘love of self’ and the removal of inner issues that block best choices. Each person is like a vehicle at the starting point for a long journey.  What’s not completely fixed will cause problems on the trip that only gets worse if not paid attention to.

One of the major aspects of leading a spiritual life is to be aware for best survival. Even all animals know that instinctively, yet humans often let the instincts that  animals have fade into memory. Animals are all limited in life to be able to do the infinite things that you can, and that includes fixing all broken emotions and mentalities for best performance so when challenges come, as they always come, you are ready to deal with them with the best awareness, discernment, and especially love as the invisible magical angel that is minds best friend. 

Many people leap to what they think are “solutions” without considering the implications or consequences “down the road”. Challenges are easily met and converted, for anyone is free to change their mind, and all thoughts change with it. Now the source of thought has shifted, for to change your mind means you have changed the source of all ideas you think or ever thought or yet will think. You’re free from the past from what you thought before. You’re free in the future from all ancient thoughts of seeking what you do not want to find. Come from the heart, and ask yourself frequently if you’re doing that. Always it’s wise to examine yourself for what part you played in challenges happening for you. Seek the company of another(s) who live in a positive space to learn from or to enjoy the energy of divineness. Again, you may well discover that resistance is futile. And the end of resistance is the beginning of grace. Always, keep a good sense of humor!
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