Soul Journey . . .

Soul Journey…
May 29, 2018
You are already on the journey once again. Vacation time is getting into your vehicle with friends or relatives to begin the long journey not knowing what will be experienced. The body is your vehicle for the soul to experience through the body, and what comes each moment in the environment you choose consciously or unconsciously. Whether a car or a body, the condition on the outside and internal workings are key to the outcome of each moment. The better ‘tuned’ each is will be a key factor in going from one point to another. 

Experiences are almost always somewhat tantamount to the directions the mind takes it’s ‘host’, which it is part of certainly. The driver of car or body can take it where it’s capable of going with, of course, the body being infinitely more flexible. Future cars are here where they have been perfected to be sensitive to nearly all situations, but with no heart for enjoying the experience.  Humans collectively are still far behind technological developments in ‘sensitivity performances’ with many of the ‘bugs’ from past  generations or recent non development still awaiting attention for peak performance.

Tune in to turn on to live in a safe vehicle or body-mind-emotional status. You are alive, and only you and no other living thing can know death, even if it’s cloudy in your mind, like a human.  You ask, how do I start the journey from here in the moment? Become more alert about all your actions, about your relationships, about your movements. Whatever you do, even the ordinary things like washing dishes, or walking in the street – focus on becoming alert, move with full awareness. This is the time in life where you have the tools to become a light unto yourself, and consequently giving light to others. 

Remember, even when you’re losing, you’re winning, you just have to be patient, and see the opportunity coming, or at least later it will be clear upon reflection. Now is now in the moment. All in the past is in your mind as a now. Part of the journey is to enjoy the memories that were pleasant, yet be unattached as you should be with the lousy memories. That non attachment comes through love and/or meditation when you empty the mind and the heart happens naturally. 

Truth is your friend not your enemy. Follow what feels right, positive, and truthful. We are all interdependent on each other to give and receive with gratitude for the lessons and blessings that we each encounter daily. Be free and follow your passions in your journey at the best time in history to be alive. 
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