May 22, 2018
Love is dangerous! Too little where more is needed is dangerous. Too much where reciprocity is not coming equivalently is dangerous. Love is a mystery and yet easily understood by those who have an open heart with awareness and discernment. There are 3 paths in life and one of them is not a path. The one not a path is for those who pay little attention to love and of course have little or no interest in meditation. 

Lots of beautiful love falls into ‘road kill’, or real ‘falling in love’, better said that love (weakened love) falls out of itself. Second hand emotion is a recipe for commotion in the emotion that is a karma for you, your partner or both not making the best choice for uninjured love. Love always is a test of how much you love yourself and/or when, where and how you choose to express it without an attachment. Unfinished love is never a completed love where your love is locked in ‘whatever happens’. It has reached the heights where it has become an eternal blessing rather that a broken roller coaster of love.
Let real love be as deep as the ocean with no fears of being total. Love can never reach the lasting sacred space of its potential if you come into it unprepared. Unprepared is like unprepared for a hike into strange woods on a rainy day on the verge of nightfall without a flashlight or knowing where you are going as well as having lost how to get out. Hurting emotions kick in, that of course require keeping in you best awareness with prayers for a lesson learned to make you better for it. Love is never a lost opportunity, only you choose to make it so one way or the other. And always remember the love you give is returned to you FROM YOU first.

Illusion is 9/10 of belief. Believing in love and what it’s all about, rather conditional or not, is filled on a path strewn with boulders and dangerous surprises. Real love is an eternal blissfulness and NOT JUST WORDS that the mind can understand. Experience of it is the only way to confirm its realness and if in search, with someone who ‘knows’ – not just believes. The illusion love creates may be sweet, but it’s good to realize that love with unresolved issues is a ‘love unprepared for it’s full blossoming. Always remember, that we all are endowed with the tools that ‘create a breath of love’ in the vast variety of meditations available. A few short years ago, most of the world wasn’t even aware of how to do, or what meditation was! Life is a puzzle, but always with the keys to unlock it’s secrets in a healthy way. The essence of effervescence is you with an open heart. Make love an anthropomorphism or human expression within you! Love is the way  
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