Drunk Meditation

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 May 29, 2018
A great car that breaks down over and over unexpectedly is NOT a great car no matter how you rationalize it. A persons who can be a great person until they’ve had too much to drink, and display various states from just animated, passed out, mean, angry or any state less desirable than at their best is like the undependable car. It must be fixed ‘now’ or released from possession, or in the case of a problem drunk ‘skillfully released’ from any dependence on. Not being discerning for your happiness, and you become part of the problem that never gets solved while ending up in the classic control behavior of ‘problem-reaction-no solution.

WE are all children of the universe, and to be ‘you’ at this time hundreds and thousands of your fore-parents, going back thousands of years, have resulted in the DNA you now have. Rarely have those who preceded you to add to who you are were not without challenges and abuse, fortune and misfortune. Few ever healed before an average life span much shorter ended their life. You have come at the most opportune time as the healer of yourself while giving to   others that they may be healed. 

There is freedom within. There is a battle inside you that needs you to put out the fires to stop the war within. You are crowded within by all kinds of rif raf and demons that are squatting where roses and clear skies belong. Life take courage, however you came into it and grow into adulthood. After a certain age, perhaps 18 you have entered the world where it is your movie from here on in to make it an Oscar winner where you play all part from cinematography, visual effects, acting, directing, and all production given what you have to work with and turning it into the best ever. You have reincarnated innumerable times, many from a prior short awful life into center stage millions of years later in the 21st century. Make it the best, or may you come back as a retarded mosquito. 

Take a drink to drunkeness or choose to be intoxicated on awareness and self inner love. Blue pill or red pill. Stop being drunk, and you become a ‘dry drunk’ with the same unresolved maladies that made you a drunkard. Drunkards can love, so can hateful people…from time to time. Never is the good worth the bad as the best option. A non drunk living with a drunk is complicit, and often as lacking the courage to admit it. 

Nothing is impossible. The word itself is ‘I’m possible’. When everything seems impossible, remember an airplane takes of not with the wind, but against it. When doors close, it’s amazing that other doors open that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Always straight ahead with positivity. Alway remember, ‘this too shall pass’ both good and bad, and the perceived bad will lead to something that you wouldn’t have wanted to miss. 

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