Sinday in Church

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Sinday in Church
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May 17, 2018
What you do Friday then Saturday, then the time to repent on Sinday. Life has an ‘invisible sin meter’ that is always working on each one to gauge how good or bad each act is. IN addition, there is an invisible, sliding Karma perpetrator for good deeds or bad. The sun shines, the moon winks, and the stars twinkle on those who do good. For those driving into the many deadly sins, the swamp is unavoidable. Those who pay little attention to entering the swamp are destined to sink lower in their journey in life. The Christian religion says we are all born in sin. That sin is ‘unawareness’, and in the beginning we are too incapable to pay attention, or in other words, be in awareness.

The greatest love affair is to be in awareness and discernment with whatever goes on in the moment of existence. To not is a ‘sin’ or not paying attention, which at  times we are all capable of. We have been taught or programmed to use the words ‘guilty of’ which I think is most often scrapping at the bottom of the barrel for the most negative words. Communication with oneself is to see the value or lessons hidden in everything that transpires. To be mindless of examining actions is a ‘sin’ as well as changing bad habits.

Our first love is ‘god given’ in the form of a parent or mother. The consequences of that in  terms of quality, will determine all future love of both self and others. To be born from a mother who didn’t carry you in love for her habits is a ‘sin’ for her and the child, particularly if continued in birth and beyond, hence ‘born in sin’ or not being in full protection of lovingness. Elements of parents DNA is passed on and rarely is it without measurable ‘sin so to speak’. What’s inherited, many times, when negative, is certainly possible if open to being healed with love that aids in letting go of what is less than healthy.

Most of humanity struggles between a rock and a hard place with that in-between, and that in-between is suffers unless  it is consciousness and a deep love. With out the techniques of love and/or meditation to mend and heal, few are anything but lost and/or sick be it psychological, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc. Then belief and faiths from the safety net of a religion are important steps to awaken you to be more aware,  and that is dropping or not paying attention to life’s higher gifts. 

As far as awareness is concerned, a man who is full of awareness, alert, cannot do anything wrong. It is intrinsically impossible. Always be in awareness seeking the best ways to lead you to infinite best ways. To not, is a great sin.

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