Love Phantom

Love Phantom
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April 18, 2018
We’re in Heaven. Nirvana or heaven is where you are next to Hell right now, but on the 3-D level of the physical with heaven hidden within. Hell is a warrior out to take charge of the heaven within when you are asleep yet while awake. There was a famous song by a LesleyGore, called ‘You Don’t Own Me Anymore’ that applies to everyone’s state in the world. Life is the polarities of heaven and hell, with everything in between as well as unclassifiable. The future is open wide. Stop the world and awaken to see beyond the illusion. There is a difference from what you see and what really is.

Once up a time between that first hello and a goodbye that you never got the chance to say, there are memories that stopped the movie of your connection. Times have created magic and despair, but there is a choice in how you see the world. Your movie of your life may at times be shrouded in mystery of ‘wonder why’. Always it’s time to reboot and see who you are as the most important person anywhere. Your house is  where you go, and make it a home where love is safe no matter what. 

“Phantom of the Opera” was a hit musical on Broadway that inadvertently bespeaks of how life is filled with Phantoms or people that ‘just disappear’, and live on to become phantoms to who were once strangers, on and on. Where’s the love, common sense and empathy for keeping meaningful connections? That is outside of your non connection to who you really are ‘as the real phantom’? Keeping in touch is a measure of compassion, intelligence, and a moral obligation as a human being – at least to people who have significant meaning in your life. Aware people in a state of consciousness always keep their heart and door open for the ‘phantom’s’ to reconnect. These ‘technological days’, most everyone can be found. Time always to ‘burn some rubber’ and reconnect!

I talk to many, many people, and often ask how they are with family connections. Rare is the moment when someone is well connected to most of the living important people of their lives, and likely weren’t even barely in touch to those who passed on. It’s looney! 

This is now the biggest show ever on earth and you are center stage to fulfill, and give back for the blessings of being here while being the spiritual person that existence intends you to be NOW. Life is a bitch sometimes, and often YOU are the bitch. God is a ‘Phantom’ except in the mind and heart of some. Ghosts are real phantoms that you likely let become phantoms. Have those you loved become phantoms who are assessable except for your lethargy and acidic ways? Don’t be a phantom to your real self and find that space where love lurks waiting for you to find what’s hidden in plain site. Meditation is the gas pump, if the love pump keeps running out of gas, AND IT’S FREE (no need to pay for it). The aphorism applicable, ‘turn on your love channel NOW’! Life and love are blessing to not let be phantoms!


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