God’s Watching You!

God’s Watching You!

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 April 2, 2018,
Take it to the bank! No sense explaining to a little kid this god concept. It’s much more practical to say it without your explaining what you don’t know except by belief. Applicable to the truth or not the truth, and maybe it’s useless as you don’t know. Anthropomorphizing a ‘father in the sky’ needs to fade into something closer to the truth as a child matures, but lo and behold millions and more adults keep looping a loving encapsulation of a somewhat identification of a security blanket of existence into an immature analysis. However, what the hell, life goes on however the truths set each of us free….one by one the hope is it will blossom into to a tsunami of human consciousness any moment.

Looking at ‘god’s watching you’ from another perspective, ‘sensitivity’ to all is responding or reacting if insensitive. It’s  a law of the universe, like it or not. SENSITIVITY acts as god. Abuse sensitivity (god) and things won’t work in the  short and/or long run. You are either a messenger of sensitivity (god) or not. Sensitivity’s messenger is you being a fully aware being human. Act in godly ways or be a recipient of the consequences when you act as if anesthetized to your desires irrelevant to the highest choices. 

Sin is to move or not in unawareness of the highest. And yet, your ‘acts’ changed into what seems virtuous doesn’t make you as a being so. The real sin is ignorance, and unawareness of your own self. Take the first step of owning your unawareness. Be conscious, if it’s not right your acts will follow. So just to go on changing your acts will not lead you anywhere. Unless you change, your consciousness changes, unless you attain a new plane of being, just a change of your acts is useless. Think in terms of your being.  Be alert, aware, conscious, and you are virtuous. Why? – Because the more you are alert, conscious and aware, the less is the possibility of committing a sin. The basic requirement for committing a sin is to be unconscious.

Are you watching you? Everybody’s watching you!  The moment you bring a lamp into the dark room, the darkness is no more there. With the light the darkness cannot exist. Listen to your inner voice? Your inner voice is all crap. Truth is in listening to your silence – god is there – you watching you! The mind is a translator of god into a meaningful communication. The mind is a flashlight in the darkness leading you into the light. Do good deeds and the mysterious hand of the universe will acknowledge you. Put no identification on it, call ‘it’ god, and trust that it is the invisible unidentifiable hand of godliness in tandem with you watching ‘you’. Be more conscious while at the same time accepting responsibility for what you do and could do. The god given gift to each human is the ability to do that.

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