Miracle Brains

Miracle Brains

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April 4, 2018
If you shake your head at how sorry people are, you’ve likely not have seen the ‘so called’ people who call themselves SPIRITUAL or religious. Just as bad, and even worse because more visible qualities should be expected of them, don’t you think? To be spiritual is to be of the highest ‘quality’ manifested inside and outside, and not just rest on the ego, thinking everything is just above your pay level! Getting people to change their bad habits is like ‘selling mirrors to the blind’.

You are equal to the best example of human behavior on the planet, and that makes you a superconscious human or in simple language a more ‘spiritual person’. Wherever you go, you are on display as an example of millions of years of growth from ancient ancestors. If you don’t see that, then what did come before you, and your parents, and theirs, and theirs? How far back does it go? 

Life is a miracle, and you are the highest expression … potentially! We become walking habit machines, good, bad, or indifferent. Always, self examination for the blessings you have while focused on the habits that a conscious being would not stay imprisoned with. The most important person is you, then how you reflect yourself to others. The miracle in life is that with infinite forms of life on earth, it is only you and your qualities, physically, mentally, emotionally,  intuitively, spiritually, and all aspects of each that make  you the envy of all forms of life, if they could even experience envy. All problems that you have can either be fixed by yourself in these incredibly developed times, or by someone of expertise who lives to give you the answers. 
Innocence is a miracle! Move with an open heart, but in awareness at the same time to be able to make discernments as to the best inclinations to follow. Strangely, people seem to search for misery, avoiding the sensitivities that bear more joy and satisfaction. Don’t hoard miseries and the negatives that create a hell for you.
Stop with the alibis and rationalizations. Misery loves company! Dump the garbage of clinging to the negative. Wake up to the possibilities of taking the steps to that which enriches you. 

Be a positive desperado for love – get it – witness what the camera sees – thinking yourself into depression is counter intuitive. Stop avoidance and denial – self aggrandizement, drop codependence with self destructive thinking. Right here, right now you can ‘let go’ of the creeping, lingering thought barriers that serve no purpose in freeing your mind and opening your heart. Whatever inner you have attained in the current world will follow you beyond your physical death be it positive or negative. If you do not love too much, you do not love enough. Let godliness leave it’s imprint on you. Let your entertainment be ‘innertainment’ for the miracles are within you!
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