Lies & Truth

Lies  &  Truth
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March 26, 2018
You can’t slow life down, but you sure can enjoy the ride! Seek the company of those who live in the light of truth. Start with yourself. Secrecy gives lies a protection from the truth. There was back in the 1940’s a radio show called ‘The Shadow’ that had an opening piece that reflected the lies hidden from our truths. The line was, ‘Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men .  . . the Shadow knows  … a detective radio show of intrigue that uncovered the lies that were hidden in the dark. More than ever, at this moment, we are controlled by a Shadow Government that stealthily steals information from our computers, and uses any means possible to ‘blackmail’ whom ever they want that is threatening to them to expose them in the light. 

Lies avoid the light of truth, and then are snuffed out with dire consequences often to the perpetrator and victim. Every Easter as kids we are playfully hidden from the truth until we can find the ‘easter eggs’ hidden by the easter bunny in the bushes or around the house. The whole story of Easter is really about dead Jesus rising from the dark cave to life  when in fact the story really is about the advent of the ‘Spring’ which is the position of the sun coming in to more days of light that brings life out of the dark winter where growth sleeps 
Lies come around and those who live in them do get their comeuppance or call it karma. Sadly those who live in lies do their best to justify their behavior, however no one of positive quality will endure the association for long. All but the rare plant on earth lives from the light of the sun, which I refer to as ‘the sun of god’. Without it there would be no one around to argue about that being as amazing as it is!

Reality is truth. Sensitivity is the truth. What flourishes in healthy fashion when sensitivity is foreign. The heart doesn’t lie, only the mind of ignorance and fear of not being able to find the love within. Love is a lie if it’s primarily a ‘love concept’ that is meant and said to mollify yourself and another with little substance. Lies are dependent on an endless succession of lies until your life becomes one and the light of love only whispers from the prison of lies through the  the dark only for a few minutes a day. Let light be your life, and leave the dark for natural sleeping. Lies hurt and truth heals. Death is the greatest truth and yet the greatest lie.  

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