Authentic Love

Authentic Love
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March 10, 2018
Everyone claims to love a lot of things. Love is illusory or fleeting, especially when it meets up with another. No one can suit up and play in a professional football game who hasn’t proven his expertise and been vetted for that. Likewise, no one can just dash out of the starting chute with no prior qualifications, and be a master of love. Your sorrows and unresolved issues of your past, that blocks whats needed to be a master in the field of love, must be ‘fixed’.  

Many are good at loving their pet dog, cat, salamander, small child, and it’s wonderful but one thing’s missing? Since each needs you to feed and protect them, and with their limited brain capacity (no offense meant) they touch a type of love that has little to do with loving a ‘mirror’ of yourself, or another person who is fully capable of feedback albeit they are likely no more adept at giving or receiving love. What goes around goes around, meaning those who struggle in ‘self love’ project that on another. Round and round, love never found but fleeting glimpses. 

Loving deeply is easy, but you can’t beg, borrow, or hope all you want, with out the right conditions, it’s like a sailboat without wind, isn’t going to sail anywhere. Love is authentic only if it gives freedom, and it respects the other’s  individuality. All secrets need to be shared while not being fearful of the others individuality, and their response. Not doing so, will make each other’s life more miserable. Keep changing and moving. But you can’t be carrying a lot of baggage if you want to do that, physically or spiritually. 

Authentic love for another sees no disagreement. Why disagree with yourself, and it must be remembered in authentic love their is no division without feelings of love.True love that has been said is forever is the wrong notion. Things are always changing. A flower blooms for a while, not for ever. The fragrance of a love, or love itself continues in memory, as it should in healthy people. 

Be loving and sensitive, at least if love doesn’t come easy. Turn your sorrows and frustrations into treasured gold. You can have more love than you currently have. If the love isn’t there after years of separation, it never was true love, but ironically it’s not so much about the other person as it is you loving yourself. When you do that, love for anyone will always be in your heart regardless. Love is the ultimate karma! Love will always find you – if you’re in your heart. Love is a spiritual path.

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