U Could B Wrong!

August 23, 2008
But, you could be right! Halleluya! A prayer of
gratitude! Thank god, we can be right sometimes!
Thank fullness is a quality that needs to be part of
ʼs makeup. ʻEntitlementʼ is often the ʻmonkey on the backʼ that follows those who donʼt take the time to appreciate what a miracle it is that each of us is here and, if we are aware, to celebrate this life as much as can be.
There is music in those trees and the sky above for those who take the opportunity to lay down the ʻwhatʼs the rushʼ to see. Who needs a busy mind when the same mind will enjoy the stillness and the hearts flame. A new direction can correct the wrongs and make anyone on the path of right, which is the path of
awareness and the old fashioned heart. It
ʼs always time to be right instead
of being in the cluttered, chatting mind that has become the ʻevilʼ that lurks in the shadows of life.
There is a saying, ʻfake it ʻtil you make itʼ! Be wrong and see what miracles transpire in the mind to see that you often were ʻwrongʼ! Be open to all possibilities and the answers
will provide the right information to an ʻahaʼ! Humans keep going down the
same old path that becomes a rut so deep that it blocks the light of the sun!
Be free of programmed information that serves nothing but keeping one chained to thoughts long ago as useless and,
There are no answers where the questions are the wrong ones to assimilate the real answers. Questions like ʻis there a godʼ, can endlessly provide the wrong answer which is no answer if the question is wrong. Perhaps the question could be, is there anything but God in infinite forms. Think what you need to think, but begin moving away from the same old answers to find truth.
To be wrong and admit it, is the beginning of moving toward the answers sought that are even beyond what was sought. One answer in the right direction leads to other
answers and then the wrong ones can be left behind in the rut. To see ʻwrong is rightʼ! (stream of consciousness) 

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