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March 12, 2018
Some are infected with a conscious or unconscious urge to verbally attack whatever doesn’t fit within their agenda. Insultitis is a disease of the mind that needs to use the non art form of initiating verbal attacks on another concerning anything that doesn’t fit well with their judgmental mind that feeds on the adrenaline of reaction of another. The art of friendly conversation is on the ‘back burner’ of this perpetrators bag of ‘slinging arrows’ to hit the target for approval that they are right, as often they are not able to do it without initiating an insult to bolster their ego.

The ‘arrow slinger’ dances with joy especially with a ‘hit’ on another until they are attacked back to their verbal personal attack claiming that the counter verbal spewing is itself insulting! It’s like someone coming up and sucker punching in the nose and you getting it together and pounding the ‘sucker puncher’ to the ground. The ‘sucker puncher’ then yells that he is being attacked. In the verbal/emotional world in happens all too frequently. Turning the other cheek might be a good idea if that cheek isn’t hit too than it’s ‘karma time’ for the initiator!
Sometimes the ‘spiritual thing’ to do is to shoot back. In a war, someone shoots at you, it’s unwise to ‘moon’ them with the wrong set of cheeks, but to instead send him back to  god for His ‘judgment’. It always more and higher wisdom to stay out of ‘harm’s way’. A few years ago, I had a friend who wore reversible masks with one being a nice, conversant person, then the other where he would unnecessarily challenge your thoughts while twisting them to fit his reason for spewing vitriolic negative judgment. The guy was too smart to even think about any effort to point out his ‘poor locution manners’ were unnecessarily hurtful to whomever he was in conversation with.  It’s like the ‘black widow’ who seduces a rich man, then poisons him to later take his money, of course not as deadly.

Habits are tough to break, but being more conscious and loving is all about facing them, asking yourself can you do better, and then rebooting. Maybe one habit at a time replaced with a better one. Why should unexamined, bad habits not be uncovered and replaced? All good things start with ‘one step at a time’. Watch a baby as it grows! Evidence of one step at a time with a few falls and challenges then one day most forget to take those ‘steps’ that make life better!
Same ole, same ole with no progress is an irritation – like insultitis or the habit of little empathy and compassion for the other. Love ignored creates any kind of negative from boredom to well, bad habits. Be free from loving who you really are! 


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