Stairway to Love

Stairway to Love

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 March 2, 2018
Heaven and love have different spellings, but therein lies the major difference for earthlings. Call it ‘nirvana’ or don’t even put a word to it, for the experience fills the spirit. Money buys lots of fast food love, however it’s being kind attaching the word ‘love’ here, except that’s what those who live a life of money and/or a roller coaster of glimpses of love mixed with the tediums of same ole, same ole do. The popular phrase among those of religion is that loving god and doing ‘good things’ is a stairway to heaven … which hypothetically, comes as a ‘desert’ later.

Are our beliefs and our lives really cosmetic? Are your espousing’s of love really a cosmetic cover hiding a lie and a failure to walk up and into the stairs of love? People get so busy doing what’s necessary to pay the bills, rather than finding the time to open up the pathway to inner peace. The options of distraction that fill lives are a choice that at the same time are impediments to real self love and realization. Choices are mostly made to satisfy the ‘feel good moment’, that requires working to spend money so you can buy more temporary pleasure that results in a huge bolder on the road to inner bliss. 

We are the only living thing that has been given infinite choices of directions to go anywhere, yet most choose the  same old mundane ‘everybody’s doing it’ path. Belief, hope, or crossing your fingers is not something to give up, but as situations change, as they  will, not becoming attached to ‘beliefs’ with out adjusting them to open minded knowledge is to be an example of wisdom. Step by step with eyes wide open for discerning the best steps in front of you with little looking back is to find more, deeper love. Find love in anything, especially in giving, in being more sensitive, and in more healthy habits.

There is a place, it’s called ‘love’. It’s often necessary to walk up the steps though the fires that burn off the negative issues that happened once upon a time in your life that has resulted in most living with a cosmetic love. A cosmetic love is a mask of fear of intimacy, and there are likely good reasons for fearing that intimacy from past negative things that caused fear which might be ‘lack of trust’ of fear of abandonment, etc. There is no automatic ‘elevator’ to love, but a trial by fire. Easier for a few, and yet many challenges for most, but the nirvana of love with it’s bliss and joy is worth every step and challenge. Hidden within all is love waiting for each one to tune into while letting go of the mind that embodies fears. Without love, you wouldn’t be here. Chances are the freedoms that are best come from love.  

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