Game On
March 25, 2018

One way or the other, it’s the same. One way or the other, remember who you are. It’s time to get out of the box and examine what’s going on, starting with who the real inner you is. In recent times, we are being deluged with flooding of confusing information technically, medically, socially, psychologically, and who people are sexually. A new monicker has come about to lump the sexually confused into the initialism of LGBT or lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. One way of the other, the newly recognized classifications still add to the confusion.  
I was talking to a friend recently who mentioned he went to the elite Middlesex school in Massachusetts as a child in the 1970’s. It would seem that the name further caused gender confusion. Until recently, the norm to categorize things was in black and white or duality terms. Slowly the dawning of a new age has opened the doors very wide in infinite alternatives to seeing everything in a ‘non’ duality way that equates to seeing many positions or answers to everything out of the box of the past. 
Flexibility and openness in everything is to breakout of old habitual molds that have been passed from generation to generation. The norms of a few decades ago are replaced by the necessity to educate and open the mind to completely new ways of doing things as the world in a sense is turned upside down shaking out old habits and ruts  that no longer make sense given the never ending changes. The mind must be very open to more changing information than one could possibly only imagine a few short years ago.
The conundrum caused by the increased need for use of the mind is that attention to the heart opening, and being  vulnerable to an even more real intelligence is often left in mothballs and starved for attention. Few things are now the same as they were. Always it’s give and take, or receiving. You are the same as everyone else – a perfect soul. Everyone is a mirror of you, it’s just that different experiences have made them appear different. You are looking into a mirror but for what came before each of you. 
Always when possible please yourself, but never discount pleasing the other first, and likely the magic of a return pleasure will happen. Be sensitive to another and pleasing yourself coming second. Take time to be aware of tuning into what can be given in the moment to create the maximum harmonious positioning. The most powerful prison is the one you don’t even know you are in!

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