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Self Serving
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February 26, 2018
Serve your most important needs first before anyone else! Taking care of you first means to take care of your heart that it’s open to giving to others, and still receive from your heart. Positive selfishness is of merit while being sensitive to others, and accountable that you are. Create your life to be one of giving with no expectation of return. Giving from the heart creates its own form of joy. Now is a time like no other in earth’s history where you can both find infinite aids to help you grow while giving to others growth. 
Be not caught in the quagmire of habitual habits that serve personal needs as if you are entitled to them. On a world level, the collective and most individuals are in a chaotic dilemma. We have become pathetically phlegmatic humans personally and collectively in a culture full of lethargic idiots. As a result of not being a life participant to make a positive difference, unconsciously letting the government take from ‘you’ and gives to ‘them’ in power, while relying on the fact, that they will not have any opposition to what-ever they do because of the plethora of lethargic idiots, and couch potatoes at best, you qualify as a ‘sheeple’. I would also shout “Wake up” but that would be akin to telling a dog to jump over the house. IMPOSSIBLE AT BEST !!!!
Chasing and looping in redundancy is being mambo-pamby and entrenching yourself to living in a box of same ole, same ole, no longer cutting the mustard of leading a desirable, positive spiritual life. Sleeping and denying that you are  wrapped in a life of comfort, and ignoring what is going on, no longer makes you a valuable asset in this age of fast changing developments. It’s akin to taking a glass of clear, fresh, cool well water and dumping it into your septic tank and then going back and expecting it to be there for your use as clear, fresh, cool well water. 
Nothing changes with ‘self serving’ people other than outer entitlements. Their inner self is like a hamster in a cage that goes round and round year after year like a broken record. It’s always time to step up to the plate and lead in self realization and development.. Stop being a sheep! 

The real intelligence, which is emotional intelligence, only has been denigrated and bracketed as of little importance. The basic malady today is the loss of inner growth and awareness resulting in the conversion of human nature into a mere myopic mundane existence. The Human Monster today is driven by fear of breaking through it’s rusting habits that serve no one, and certainly not your ‘evolving self’. Indifference to seeing that you are a being in need of much more loving attention than you have put yourself to sleep over is to deny your higher self. Take your closed minded ‘mind-cuffs’ off, and don’t forget the heart-cuffs! Clear the mind with breathing exercises, and find yourself waking to a joy and bliss that has eluded you! 

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