Let Go of Love

“If you love a flower, don’t pick it up.
Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love.
So if you love a flower, let it be.
Love is not about possession.
Love is about appreciation.” 
― Osho

Most can say, ‘I found love’! Most can attest to most of it disappearing that they had clung to, and the words ‘I love you’ becomes like the statement of the checker at the supermarket who says, ‘have a nice day’. Better to hear than no recognition, but all heartfelt energy is gone. Grow a flower and it will have it’s longer life as the plant continues to grow to produce another later, and then another. The plant lets go of its love for the flower until its love produces the next ones.

Have a love that is so strong that the mind needs to let it go for the freedom of both. It can and does happen on rare occasion. Call it ‘the real, authentic love’, superconscious love, divine love, meeting god or something supernatural that can’t be explained instead only experienced, but it awaits like the stars in the sky await for you to see them on a clear, dark night. Treating love like the ‘attached to’ picked flower is to attach yourself to it, and the expectant obligation of the other to respond with a mirror like response of what you experience.   

The connection of two souls always remains whether you experience togetherness in the third degree world of the physical and fluctuating emotions or you let go of the formalities of physical interdependence of each other. Yesterday I spent time with a special female of 25 who recently lost are partner to a cancer weeks before they were to marry. Her emotions while showing me pictures of them were filled with deep heartfelt tears that I couldn’t help feeling too. She mentioned that her friends suggest she get involved with another even though she admitted that possibility for an unknown time was not there. 

My suggestion was that she feel and send out to her deceased partner all the love that she continues to feel. Further I suggested that she not be involved in the future with anyone who stifles her feeling love for her deceased partner as well as him. An open and deep love leaves no circumstance of demanding ‘only love for them’. Love in its pure form comes from within, and knows no barriers but being in harmony with any situation completely in a sense of freedom of expression. 

Letting go of love is to let go of the attachment and expectations while giving to the other all there is to give never having to delineate love of parents, a past love or any love that want’s to fill your inner experience. They are the same love, but individualized to circumstances. Love is to be shared. and sharing creates a greater love within.

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  1. Love is not a organized list of to do at 8 I brush my teeth at 8:15 meet me in bed , I would be a robot love is to be one to embrace machines passion not to play the jealous card
    Love is not a ball and chain it is together
    Before anyone can say I love you there Hass to be respect , selfless, time spent, honesty and not knowing what I take in my coffee do you know me?

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