Wandering Jew

Wandering Jew
February 11, 2018
Marital cheating is counter to a deep loving communication. Both male and females do it, but males are by far in the lead for numbers of times.

Jewish men are known to be ‘seed planters’ in a sense ‘farmers’. There is no other collective group of males that contributes more to the rising flow of the economy more than Jewish men. As great of an example for achievements in outer manifestations, males in general have historically been the grease that moves the wheels of society. However, in recent years though, there is a change rising with the female being let out of her cage of being a second class citizen to being an equal to men in most endeavors, and of course sometimes better.

Strangely, the male mind and action continues to find ways to suppress the females dignity and trust. Real growth of the inner qualities of humanity begins with the quality of love between couples. The unconditional and total communication among couples raises the vibration of not only their love, and while being the opposite of disharmony, dysfunctional, disappointment, dismissiveness, etc., all contributing to a disease of love. Love, like air, can be of poor  quality or shortness in breath.

Instead of love becoming a dis-ease make a contract with life to make love a maintain-ese, prepared-ese, and an acceptance-ese of all behaviors that promote a rising love quality, and not a dissing of love. Wandering males, particularly from certain cultures, like the Jewish  male or the Italian male, are leaders (?) in finding ways to escape the quality farming of love between them and their partner. One bad quality leads to another such as cheating leads to lying and many forms of disingenuousness that deteriorates the potential bond between those that once contracted to maintain and increase their love between them. 

Strange as it may seem to most, ‘cheating’ is symptomatic of a failure to open the heart and mind of communication where two people refuse to become a one, hence called an ‘us’ or ‘we’. Two merging in a deep love through letting go of all restrictions to communication automatically prevents doing things that the other is unaware of. Keeping secrets from a loved one is like tricking god thinking it doesn’t matter and you’ll get away from karma. Fear of love, intimacy, commitment, and communication is a good sign of not belonging to the culture of ‘self improvement’. When two people share their love deeply, a communication happens that gives a positive freedom opening all doors in the light of infinite expression. The lights of love between two in harmony is the opening wide of the now and future. Stop, let go, and open your mind and heart for the resurrection of the spirit. 
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