Falling in Love

Falling in Love!?
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January 25, 2018
Everybody needs somebody sometime. We are interdependent blessed creatures where at this time in life, every possibility is more available than ever before. ‘Falling in Love’ sounds nice, but is it just nice words for a song? One of the greatest moments in life is two people falling in love where it seems the whole world is better, and you can’t wait to see each other! In some of the world, that can happen once or many times. Still in most of the world, especially with arranged marriages, at best it will happen just once.

Falling in love with dropping one L in ‘falling’, and replaced by an ‘i’ is ‘failing in love’. A rolling rock gathers no moss, also a love that keeps moving upward keeps it from falling. All growing is rising, or ‘rising in love’ where the air  becomes more and more refined such that each becomes blessed with a special shinning for life. Failing in love comes after ‘falling in love’ with out the agreement  to lift each other to emotional and spiritual highs naturally. Fear of intimacy disappearing opens unlimited love like a ‘celestial explosion where two are looking into the same soul mirror in a complete merger. 

“The first step is you having to say that you can.” Believing in yourself can happen in a flash … But, sometimes it takes time. It can be a slow process of racking up little win after little win. And then before you know it, you *know* you 
can move that mountain. You know it so well that those telling you “you can’t” sound like yapping chihuahuas in the face of your doberman will. 
Communicate – ask questions – any question…don’t just walk on by – find out who you really are, and you will see within an explosion of enlightenment inside you that is everlasting. Any restriction of being open with another, or yourself especially, is fear driven, and of course it might be good not opening to one who won’t communicate openly. 
Round and around you may go, like a dog chasing it’s tail – there will be no progress. Why be fixated on who you limit yourself’s identity. Stop saying ‘no – no’ and change it to want to ‘know’ you deeply where love is like fountains of youth.

Needing someone is a failure. Wanting is ok especially if another in your eyesight wants what you want. Everybody needs somebody sometime, but being needy without a practical need is contrary to love. There may be no comfort in the truth, but it’s you who have the seed of love within, why abort it by not nurturing it. You can see with a clear mind and heart that you belong to love. Keep moving up to more and more love. At the top of the step of love is the nirvana of love. Maybe you will be the first throughout history to break the bonds of restricted love! Love is timeless!


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