Inner Voice Listening

Inner Voice Listening
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 January 12, 2018
Listen to your heart, be suspicious of your mind. Live a little crazy but find beauty in knowing that living just a smooth life is like being dead or worthless. Mostly inner voices lead you to confusion as they battle each other. Imagination is good but the mind goes all over the place with conflicting minds fueled by perception, and a lack of centering yourself. The mind is like a crowd that follows the moment like seeing floating clouds in the sky. 

The only voice of godliness is silence. The true inner voice speaks from the heart through the mind that alone leads one in multiple directions with no heart feeling. Become a witness to happiness and unhappiness. Going beyond the two is oneness which gives the sense of bliss. Constant division in one’s life is antipathetic to having the best of life’s potential experiences. The inner voice speaks not in words but in heartfelt wordless ways. There are times in our lives when too many voices seem to be pulling us this way and that. Our very confusion in such situations is a reminder to seek silence and centering within. Only then are we able to hear our truth. 

Feel the presence of existence. This technique is based on inner sensitivity. First expand in sensitivity. Be in a dark  room, and light a small candle. Sit near the candle with a very loving attitude – rather, with a prayerful attitude, then sit in a very prayerful mood before the candle. Look at it and forget everything else. Just look at the small candle – the flame and the candle. Go on looking at it. After a few minutes you will feel that many things are changing in the candle. They are not changing in the candle, remember; your eyes are changing. This is a very effective meditation that anyone can do.I recommend half an hour  to forty five minutes. Breath gently, deeply in and out. After that time, close your eyes while sitting or lying down and just be the watcher. The inner voice emerges in emptiness. 

Behind the normal inner voice of the periphery that is filled with scattered chatter is the deep inner voice coming from all your being with a full open heart. Always remember to be in playfulness yet sensitivity while being watchful. The state of ‘highness’ comes from the still mind and the breath of love from your hearts relaxed opening. No stimulants needed, but natures hidden secrets ‘in plain sight’, behind the non stop talkative mind. A friend to the mind is the heart that keeps it inline and harmonious with existence.

There is an ancient Greek concept called, ‘Sophrosyne’ (σωφροσύνη) meaning an ideal of excellence of character and soundness of mind, which when combined in one well-balanced individual leads to other qualities, such as temperance, moderation, prudence, purity, and self-control. You have inner freedom when the self is centered whether in the stillness of nothingness or busy in the marketplaces of life.  Time to fire all the unnecessary words in the head and be the master of your mind.  


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