Breakaway Love

Breakaway Love
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 January 11, 2018
The highest display of real love is when someone ends a love connection! When there is a great need of love from one who has loved you, it is the real test of your ‘inner love of self’ in how you are open to them. Sadly, if those who fail the test were to hold hands, the accumulated distance would reach the sun and beyond. Love means ‘compassion’. Compassion is most measurable when the need is there and how a friend responds.  Real love doesn’t turn off and on at will. Most love is like a teenage infatuation that is like a ballon on a string. Easily let go of,  and eventually loses air.

Love is like a diamond that once was part of a volcanic eruption before going through it’s stages of development. As a diamond is to be treasured, love is many times more to be treasured. Rare is love that reaches the developmental stages of a diamond, and is not over before it has really become the diamond of forever. Weak love is stagnated love like a still pool. Assert yourself and reclaim your humanity through an act of love. Turning your back on the love of yesterday for something that’s not tangible or touchable in  your self serving mind, and choosing to worship or love something that is tangible and real in the moment is to play a game with love.
With love there are no moral shortcuts. Love given as well as received is forever, and with it comes the responsibility of always nurturing the connection regardless of challenges. Fear of showing continuing love is really a constipation of growing self love. Love abandoned is as cruel as death, and is reflective of a self debasement with no responsibility for prior actions as if they were meaningless. Love is an open door that only closes out of fear and a deep self hatred. The inability to follow through on love is an opportunity like no other to decide to follow through with continual giving. Love never stops even when circumstances change but instead is at the cusp of giving more and the reward comes unasked for in the form of a deeper self love. 

The ‘eye of the tiger’ is to look at your love that’s moving on apart from a loved one as an opportunity to reach in, and make sure the other feels your continuing love, (especially if you’re the one initiating the ‘moving on’). Love comes suddenly like a light in the dark, and real love always keeps its light burning to give and receive with compassionate openness. Love and it’s open heart has infinite opportunities! 

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