Molesting the Air

Molesting the Air
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January 23, 2018
Who hasn’t been in a place in space and time where the environment was ‘polluted’ by someone that was rightly perceived as offensive. Being uncomfortable somewhere may well be more than an individual perception but a ‘collective’ one by the other’s present. It could be someone just ‘talking too much’ without letting others feel at ease to contribute or perhaps someone intoxicated from alcohol or drugs. Had a guest here few months ago who talked loud as if on a microphone – great person who just was resolute on talking loud. Sometimes it’s the energy of someone who says little, but with a ‘dark cloud’ over them. 

Molesting is generally used as an uninvited form of physical-sexual liberties taken, but undesired happenings on other levels or circumstances are more likely to happen, especially when just walking away is not easy to do. Unless, you are using  the experience as an opportunity to challenge your ‘spiritual abilities’ to better handle discordant activity, the best action is to always avoid unwanted situations or quickly find a way out. The world has many ‘pathological’ environments to choose to be in or avoid. Of course, isolating yourself from all negative reality is to create a bubble of illusion that make one incapable of learning and growing. 

We each have the opportunity to choose our reaction or response to take or leave the ‘shrapnel’ of molesting pollution in the air around us. As you raise your energy to higher plateau’s of self love we fly over the ‘swamps’ that are a waste of time. To be sensitive to how you are affecting all situations is both common sense for empathy, compassion, and just a more spiritual demeanor. Learn to stop and access whether your presence is welcoming or bothersome to others. I know of one chap who is blessed with an acute intellect for knowing certain things beyond almost anyone, but when it comes to empathy and compassion with common sense, he only blabbers in the air with little concern whether anyone wants to listen. He molests others comfort to really want to listen or comment without certain disagreement from the verbal molester.

Always nurture yourself, but at the same time nurture the interaction with others knowing when and how to interact without forcing their participation. Simultaneously know when they are in polite acceptance of being ‘trapped’ in a space that they would like to remove themselves from. Self molestation is to be negative. Of course, be mindful as the recipient of dissonant circumstances on how best to extricate yourself from the ‘problem’. Having a clear, comfortably warm blue sky is equivalent to having an mind and heart filled with love and positivity. There is a song made famous by the singer, Barbara Streisand, called ‘On a Clear Day’ you can see forever. With consciousness and love a sense of enlightenment emerges from within to make your world filled with godliness. 


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