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January 30, 2018
There is he-go and a she-go, they are different. The Ego is your sense of being like God. A small ego likely avoids that definition, while a big ego feels it’s God or godlike. We need a sense of self worth, at least as three dimensional beings. A big ego or a small one, both find themselves in conflict with other egos as they perceive themselves. In addition, humans find themselves in secret conflict with their sense of themselves from the standpoint of and inferior ego of lack of self worth all the way to a case of attachment to a false self which of course is not ‘owned’. A genuine big ego doesn’t take him/herself seriously but just feels free, blessed, and always looks for the best response.

Personally, I see nothing wrong with the biggest ego possible if there is non attachment. It’s a wonderful devise to use in circumstances occurring in life. Knowing oneself is to find a deep love for yourself. Is an ego, the perception of another’s evaluation of you, be it an evaluation that they perceive you to demonstrate to those of little self worth, or one where you are judged to be ‘full of yourself’? Of course it is very possible to have an ego, judged by another, that shows up as a negative manifestation covering up some form of insecurity be it fear, ignorance, insecurity, etc.  
The current US President, Donald Trump is said to have the ‘biggest ego’, but it’s not genuine, meaning he’s attached to it so when criticized it works against the peace of his being. Knowing who you are and finding the deep self love within you is often what others perceive as a big ego. In a way it is, except along with it comes a deep compassion and empathy for others and all that life brings. Insecurity about who you are disappears with a joy for life and acceptance of whatever life brings as an opportunity to deal with it the best way you can with total awareness. That’s positive self assurance!

The ego is good for dealing with everyday practicalities of life. Attaining a big ego in the spiritual sense is not something that you can instantly decide to have, but something people are told to avoid. A ‘pop up’ big ego comes from a smaller ego, and is not sustainable. Knowing who you are, where you are going, and what you are giving to better life for others is a start for a big ego. Smaller egos will agree with anything that nurtures their ego including having the illusion that they are someone they are not. Positive, truthful self love may open the awareness that you don’t have to love yourself, because there is no effort or even the question of ‘self love’ as you are the breath of love. Rising from the belief of who you think you are into knowing you are the expression of godliness is to attain a big ego, but without concern or attachment. Don’t let ego become a trap! Be free  with it from a positive perspective. See it as a good thing!! A big ego can transcend into the egolessness, and a freedom from the ego.

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