Blessed but Ungrateful

Blessed but Ungrateful
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 December 30, 2017
Life is a blessing, but there are challenges, with each challenge having the seeds of blessings. Always ‘counting whatever blessings lie before you hidden in plain site whether it’s just life, and even passing on to the next dimension, infinite blessings are there to count. Follow the math deducting that which is not a blessing that hides many that can be overlooked but for you choosing to see the lights that are before you hidden by the darkness of apathy or just acceptance of the negative without taking the time and energy to see deeper where the gifts lie.

America for millions is a land of milk and honey, but that’s materially primarily at the top of the pyramid of citizens. At the bottom of the pyramid as well as up near the ‘milk and honey’, most people without income for just a few months would be on the streets homeless. Regardless of monetary status, blessings of life are all around if they are accounted for. The blessings may be the focus on hope and/or the availability of resources that those with only the clothes or their backs don’t fully realize. Truth be told, even those in homeless shelters are better off than billions of people around the world IF they be can counting their blessings and making the best of where they are at while eliminating the barriers they put up. Millions have the barriers of either just negative, self critical thinking or some kind of addiction from substance  abuse of alcohol, drugs or just irresponsible living.

The greatest blessing for humans over all plant and animal life is that we have infinitely more choices regardless of circumstances. Self defeatist thinking and behavior is the dark cloud over most. That equates to a lack of love of themselves even though love is ALWAYS ready to be invited in to make anyone richer. Nature always provides a ‘natural self medication’ for greater clarity and love within. It’s the breath or life, and the right use of breathing exercises.

Those ‘breathing exercises’ that takes the place of ‘medicating yourself’ with alcohol, drugs, and/or negative thinking while avoiding the heart filled with love and a conscious being is simply ‘self meditating’. Are you too lazy and apathetic to use your god given blessing of experiencing techniques of using the breath for a healthier ‘real you’? Ordinary life is like a movie made decades ago where the pictures were in black and white, and in the beginning years of TV, not clear. Your like is like a movie from the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual – its either the best viewing available or filled with negative interference. You are at the ‘controls’ at this moment to tune into the highest resolution. Everyone is more ‘blessed’ than they think!

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