Perception Judgment

Perception Judgment

February 3, 2018
Two wrongs don’t make a right! Making a personal judgment that is from a failed perception can be called a double sin or double jeopardy for the recipient. Worse is ‘3 wrongs’ when the ‘victim’ doesn’t know that people are spreading the rumors unbeknownst to him! People hear what they want to hear and disregard the rest. You can not un-ring a bell and perception judgments can spread like wildfire while you have no idea what’s being said behind your back. Of course, if you’re of strong healthy perception (knowing) of yourself, it’s just harmless banter, but that might just boomerang back to the false spreader of information. 

At the risk of ‘perception judgment here ‘live’, a brief story of how ‘3 wrongs don’t make a right’ involving me. In the ’80’s working for a Wall St firm with about 150 people, a rumor bounced around the office, to who knows how many people. Word of rumor was that I had an affair with another sales VP, a 5’11’’ attractive blond belle from Dallas, Texas – and all because of the perception that because we played a little backgammon after hours for less than an hour a few times, that we were having an affair. Of course nothing was ‘to it’ ever as I’m the type to have friendships with either gender with ease. 
But it wasn’t just backgammon! Many married males were jealous as they assumed I was a healthy single guy taking up their secret wishes. Healthy – Yes. Actually, I was married to another special friend who, being very dear to me, was in need to help her get a green card. So for all intents and purposes, I was still single, but remained chaste to my ‘green card female partner’ who was a terrific person. One day, she had a ‘medical situation’ that could be taken care of by company insurance. In the medical office, I related to one person that I was married (didn’t mention the green card). Within days, two people asked me about the woman from Dallas, Texas being all right after what was really a minor operation? A perception judgment gone viral. Those who initiate judgment especially from perception and not verified are the real unconscious fools.

Being a bit stunned over their assumption, leaked of course from the ‘nurse’ in the medical department, I found it amusing! End of that story, but a case of a perceptual judgment spreading to who know’s where. The world has too many part time participants in consciousness who act at times like a ‘broken fire hose’ spreading nonsensical information all over as does happen in the ‘agenda media’. Wisdom comes with age, but often (usually) age comes along. Freedom is the light of all sentient beings to our inner and outer galaxies. Always seek the highest course. 

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