Trust – ‘No Trust’!

Trust – ‘No Trust’!
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December 13, 2017
Always examine your trust for reasons why it’s not a guarantee. To trust indicates that there is some doubt in the situation. No need to trust that which is verifiable reality such as darkness follows day and vice versa, or that ‘change’ is embedded in life as an absolute. Trust what you believe but keep open to questioning, especially ‘beliefs’ more than trusts. Wall St. has ‘Trusts’, not beliefs, unless you are willing to gamble with more unknowns. Trust is more reliable than ‘beliefs’, but both have an element of ‘doubt’ attached to them.

To ‘trust’ has limits involving perceptions. Trust needs to come from the heart and mind in synch with each other while having the mind be open to verifying not only from 360º, but with deep analysis in all directions. One can ignore reality, but you are best prepared to be aware of the consequences of ignoring reality. It’s All Up To You – as It should be!  Ask yourself, ‘do you trust yourself, and when or where do you not? Acknowledge that you are fallible and make mistakes or misjudgments. Imagine yourself handling whatever situation comes internally or externally.

Verbal trust in what you mean to say, and the one you are communicating with to hear what you intended to mean, is a  divine communication. A verbal situation arising that flows in mutual communication, or a successful persuasion attempt won’t be achieved only by raising an argument of some validity. To prevent others from becoming defensive during a discussion, you should use a technique that encourages collaboration rather than trying to satisfy only yourself. Don’t pre-empt the ideas of the person in front of you, but if you see an error in their way of thinking, bring it up and change their mind wisely – this is the only way to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Trust in what they are not understanding that you can trust yourself to find the skillful means to mutually agree in communication.

The basic trust has not to be in existence, it has to be within you. You should learn to become more conscious and alert to trust yourself. Going deep within yourself you will find trust unconditionally – love, truth, godliness, and your heart. Trust that is not total is distrust. Experience the fullness of your heart with a mind of consciousness, and a natural discernment will evolve. You trust yourself, but someone else has to earn your trust, and  trust  not to trust that person or situation which is unpredictable. Love yourself deeply where all doubts disappear and a blissful unconditional energy of who you are is always surrounding you. 

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