Doors of Life

Doors of Life
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Five generations – oldest is 11
December 18, 2017
Death is a door to a new life experience. Dust to dust is an expression of people who don’t see through the material world. Life is about perception of what everything means, and if necessary how best to respond. It’s a door opening or closing, and if closing, another invisible door is opening. For as long as we don’t see things with clarity we will continue to experience life with an internal discomfort. Learn to distinguish that which has nothing to do with you, but for the personalization of your perception. 

Freedom from self criticism and personal judgment of others is a blessing to internalize. Life is a ‘string of doors’ as we walk through each moment. Many doors are the wrong ones for the aware who can see the ‘drama’ behind the doors to just a cacophony or vamping of positive thoughts. The ‘sounds of silence’ is always a door to open when the noise of drama controls the moments. Locks on doors are resistance’s unresolved. Everything means something! We need resistance to grow and learn. They are lessons of the spirit. 
Walk your talk but keep the talk below or avoiding the negative, and above into the positive. Sometimes doors are closed on you, e.g. the end of a relationship, friendship, the loss of a job, an opportunity missed; and sometimes you are the one that closes the door. The mind and heart often goes into a type of grief or hurt that may linger for some time. Send positive energy out to the other, and perpetrator of your ‘life change’. ALWAYS,  and when it’s time, doors will open, that depending upon how you dealt with what seemed traumatic, but really is a light beyond the dark clouds. 

A strange phenomenon is that the more you experience deep self love within, the more life will treat you with compassion or tenderness. Allow the memories, the feelings; on the one hand when the door closed, possibly hurt, sadness, feelings of rejection and on the other hand when you closed the door, relief, feelings of freedom.

You are free to choose, to make your own choices, to say YES to your heart. No matter how much you anesthetized yourself with entertainment, realize that your life is going nowhere. “Life begins outside your comfort zone”. Your comfort zone is enclosed by the walls and barriers you have created. Don’t wait for them to be knocked down by someone else. Knock them down yourself. The mind and heart of awareness are like a parachute, they need to be open for them to really work. That means keeping them open to converting every situation to it’s highest possibility. Always keep the door open for love to flow in! 

Learn to say YES to yourself. Those that truly love you will honor your choices, and it is right that you should honor theirs. Let go of the “nay sayers”, the voice in your head that says “you can’t do that because …..”, “what about …..”, “what if …..” etc. Be free and let go of the negative!

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