Spiritual Nudity

Spiritual Nudity

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December 12, 2017
Love is naked. Limited love wears clothes with a mask on. Limited love lives in the mind with the heart in a prison gasping silently for energy. Protection of love is an unconscious decision because it’s like going into an imaginary forest reaching for memories of how your trust long before was damaged by incidents that left you alone without the love that would have made the experiences memories to put in your treasure chest for future love.

The mind without the open heart of awareness hides behind living in the world filled with illusion trying to build human artifacts of pleasure that defy the many elements of love. Life needs watching for survival as well as for growth. Moving through life with just the eyes and the mind connected to carnal pleasures, leaves the godliness of love in a closet. The closet of love accumulates inattentions that make it further and further from releasing it from years of  darkness and dust. The dust of fear can turn into an accumulation that buries any sense of love being there.
Everyone rises from their physical growth with experiences that will influence or determine their journey, and how it will look though out life. We create a facade of who we think we are that clouds the hidden potential of moving beyond glimpses of our true selves without following a path that uncovers the beauties hidden behind the facades accumulated. The shelter of love we need (not just want) is one that releases each from the need of protection that accompanies the love in awareness. 

Be open to be with the real you, always looking at a path of seeking the many keys along that path that lead to the essence of perfection that you really carry within you. What you are looking for isn’t out ‘there’, but ‘in there’! The journey to find that inner treasure is hidden in plain site within. The light that allows the mind to see with grace and benevolence is an energy than comes up from the heart. It’s always time to awaken from the coma that puts you in the dream world rather than the real world with its beauties. Growing stronger everyday though watchfulness and meditation inevitably leads you to being able to throw the shackles of the past away for you to celebrate the joys of the highest offerings that were always hidden in plain site. 

Go beyond the mind. Do not listen to its chatter. Discipline it and make it a servant. Do not be its slave. But how to know when the mind is being disciplined or when it is being repressed? Keep on moving in the direction where the light of positivity and best choices survive while letting go of pasts memory burdens. You are godliness. Nurture yourself to expose it. Be vulnerable in awareness. The tropics of love will shower blessings upon you!

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