Invisible Mirror

Invisible Mirror
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December 6, 2017
If you could ask the many generations of your relatives that if they could look at themselves in a mirror, they would meet you with ‘a wondering look’ of confusion. The very first mirrors most probably were quiet pools of water and rock or clay containers of water. Of course, these natural mirrors pale in comparison to the manufactured mirrors of today. Whether you can see or are blind, a mirror to see your face in the modern sense was not available to possess until the 19th century. That which can’t be seen may be because it doesn’t exist, or call it as existing, but ’invisible’.

You may like, dislike, or have changing, mixed feelings of how you look or perceive your self as in the mirror. Whatever, the truth is you are more than the reflection you see and feel. The greatest things in life are invisible, and only reflect themselves in your actions and results.  

Instead of looking in the mirror, close your eyes with a still mind, and look inside your heart! Like before going up a mountain, you have to be prepared for the journey. The journey through life is more rewarding if most of your life has been first prepared from the base, or heart to see more clearly at the top, or in the clear mind. The mind, like  at the top of the mountain, could be missing the blissful joys that emanate from the connection with love filled heart. Often hearts are damaged early with traumas of various intensities so that the mind becomes exhausted or clouded so as not to see through the ‘forests’ of distractions for making the best moves to the highest elevations otherwise available.

The mind is a deceiver without a friendship with the heart. Likewise, the heart becomes an enemy with a mind that has a heart restricted from the energy of compassion. This has become a world where the mind’s qualities are too often rewarded while the heart stays lonely and unnoticed. One who betrays the heart, seeking the pleasures of the mind will find disappointment that needs more of the ‘drug’ of the insatiable mind that ignores the heart energy that it is bereft of. 

The invisible mirror is hidden inside you when all the negative is detached from or let go of. You are the best healer of the ‘invisible’ godliness within. Life and love awaits your choice to seek the hidden fountain of bliss  and joy inside. Now in the moment is always the start, and not bringing your bad habits, conditioning, beliefs, and the ‘you’ who you’ve clung too forever. Say ‘yes’ and flow into freedom of the spirit within. 

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