Love Kills Religion

Love Kills Religion
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October 27, 2017
God has nothing to do with religion more than with bananas, although mankind will find fault with that assertion! Omygosh, how could anyone say ‘love kills religion’!? Those who judge will be judged. Initiating judgments is the beginning of trouble. Irrespective, religion needs to be revered for those who find salvation and help from it.

Religion doesn’t kill love, like infinite things that one becomes addicted to, like substance abuses or many types of bad habits, they all water down the fragile energy of love which is very finicky wanting an open heart and mind. Religion of course is about love, but is it really just about the beginning of love to the pathless path beyond any religion into a deeper love?

Religions consist of advise and inspiration mixed with allegories and parables to set one in a direction forward and upward. The attachment to a religion becomes a barrier to the door of freedoms flight. Religion is primarily of the intellect. Religions have theologies; they have thoughts about existence, its creation, why it has been created; how one can get out of this wheel of life and birth. Religions have been thinking about it, pondering over it for thousands of years, and each religion has developed a theology or a way of being. 
The person who wants to convert anybody is a person who is suspicious of his truth. They are really trying, by converting people, to convince themselves that they are right. Religion is a business. However, when religion reaches the highest peak, then only is it called religiousness. Then it is an inner quality void of tradition, scripture, past, or promise of heaven. Religiousness will be reflected in you as friendliness, compassion, empathy, and all lovingness aspects in a state of inner blissfulness.

The inner must be provoked to let go of impediments of the past to a sense of freedom. Being in a silent explosion or opening of love within oneself, either through deep love with another, through meditation (the alone to the alone), or some combination thereof, a silent implant of the permanent consciousness of love energy becomes part of your being. The positive scriptures of any religion unmask themselves as a ‘religiousness’ within, available in all moments of life thereafter. No amount of intellectualization to be in that state is possible. There is one door to the unknown essence or fragrance of love’s available unconsciously or for the mind’s calling. Submit to the choices available for the clearing necessities for manifesting positive energy, and then you are available for an invisible surrender that comes from the universe (godliness) of its own accord. Deep love replaces religion as the scriptures become hidden within in a sense of the freedom of religiousness. 

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