Teasing & Smiling Cheese

Teasing & Smiling Cheese

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 October 19,2017
Laughter is the spice of life. Sometimes it comes from the twinkle of an eye, or contrarily with an unexpected surprise reaction that is more disarming than distasteful cough medicine. Light heartedness is a pleasure for communication, but all too common is a heavy mind with a blocked heart. The ‘reactioner’ to friendly banter of sorts is often someone hurting inside from abuse long ago that continues being their schtick in relating to others sporadically, and sometimes incurring a boomerang reaction from the other. Tip toeing or walking on eggshells to keep the peace is diplomatic wisdom with the more fragile minds.

It’s ok to tease a baby for smiles and laughter, but not everyone has had a loving journey throughout life beginning early on. No better time than now to begin fixing in smoothing out life’s bumps that show up as barriers to consistent mind sets and emotions. A much used phrase especially during growing years is ‘oh, grow up’. Somehow that doesn’t seem to ‘click’ into adulthood as adult’s find ways to justify  poor behaviors by either denying them, or the old unresponsible, ‘accept me as I am’! 

Always looking for ‘ways out’, rather than going inside to correct those communication mishaps to  smooth out what others of clear mind see, never ends by itself. No one, it seems, can act beyond their level of consciousness so it behoves those who feel they can be better humans to find ways to stretch that consciousness.  No one can insult anyone who knows and has found love within themselves. Those who carry unresolved issues of harm within themselves will be controlled like a puppet until they let go and cut the strings that control their animosities.

There is both a negative or mean spirited way of ‘teasing’ as well as harmless, playful ways from a loving heart. See what is meant by teasing, for it may be a way of enjoying the laughter among you. Know who is open and who is not into harmless teasing. Know who you are communicating with, and use ‘skillful means’ like a dance of two who enjoy each others moves. If you’re easily offended by your perception as being negative from teasing, take the blindfold off your mind and heart. Seriousness as your gestalt is to join the walking dead. Always come from the heart of positivity whether doing the teasing, or being the brunt of it. Tease from a smile and smile when teased. Laughter and smiling are friends to always treasure.
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