Selfie Sheeple

Selfie Sheeple
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 October 28, 2017
Some are addicted for taking ‘selfie’ photos of themselves, thinking that sooner or later they’ll get one that they can send out on Facebook that personifies who think they really are. Recently after the Las Vegas mass shooting from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Casino, a news commentator mentioned how devastated most in America were. He also felt that after a week gone by, most would be back taking selfies or living their comfortable lives of illusion and inaction for world or inner development. 

Now it’s a world of more distraction options than ever existed, and they keep on mounting. Together they become an  addiction personally and collectively, producing a humanity of ‘window shoppers’ gassed into a comatose like state where little is questioned for the deeper meanings and implications. Being just a nice person isn’t enough today. Dogs are nice as are most domesticated animals. Your soul has chosen a human body at the most opportune time on earth to raise  yourself into a human being that is an example of existence’s best making of a human. Thinking life is just an opportunity to settle for meandering through a material life is pure illusion and a waste of the most opportune time ever.

Life is a quest to reach to the highest aspects of your inner self. ‘Time-out’ is a technique  that’s used for younger kids by adults as a form of behavioral modification that involves temporarily separating a person from an environment where unacceptable behavior has occurred. It’s an excellent idea for everyone at all ages to step out of their outer self for a time-out to look within and see what behavior modifications will elevate you to higher thoughts, feelings and activities rather than be life’s drifter. An ‘inner selfie’ like finding the best outer selfie to show others will be enhanced by taking an inner selfie that finds a deep inner love of self. 

Your ‘active ingredient’ is self love that, left as is, drifts into a life long slumber just reacting for survival and self amusement. It’s as if you need to forget the heart that propels actions that you and others would find reason to emulate again and again. It’s not easy to see the light when you live in the dark, as in the dark from lucid consciousness. The world has become like a ‘Day Care Center’ for people that have never grown up psychologically and emotionally. Follow that ‘crack of light’ into the illuminated consciousness that awaits inside for your discovery and nurturing. Be Selfless!

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