Fake Love is OK!

Dumb Love is OK

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September 13, 2017

Humankind collectively lives in illusion, it could be called ‘fake’. What happens to you is real, however most of it comes about because you live in a ‘dream word’ that you are responsible for. No one else! Once your brain is well formed between late teens to early adulthood, godliness has turned the world you’ve chosen to occupy over to you. Medicate yourself rather than restart new and fresh is your choice with the best help and tools that the earth has ever been presented with. Read between the lines, it’s your time! A better  opportunity time than the thousands of parents and grandparents who gave their lives not realizing YOU would be here had!

It may take a little time to look around you, to see that love and life is here now to face you, it’s all up to you. No excuses! Deal with it. It’s called being ‘spiritual’ and/or conscious. Why look around for answers when they all are within. Going half way with anything, be it spinning the truth or omitting it, is like how the controlled ‘world news’ does for the people who want ‘fast food’ information to pay for their news ratings. Just ‘OK’ is less than the best you! Living in the ‘boondocks’ of your mind is dumb! 

This is a world of capitalism which means in one way or another everyone is part of financing  their lives through a service, product or information to sell. On a personal level, it’s time to sell the best self you continue to improve to another. That all starts with yourself. Most live, and partially successful or not, with their false self that they’ve grown accustomed to see as the real them. Rich or poor, no one has to identify with the effects, nor with any lot in life including education or intellect. Everyone is among the best at one or more things even if it’s up to being the best you!

Create the look in your eye that you listen to your heart, and not just the ego and mind. Go deep and be deep inside you as well as in what’s happening in this quickening ever changing technical space age. You are among the pioneers of a new kind that must leave the old ‘sins’ buried forever. Think and be outside of ‘black and white’s of yesteryear’ called duality thinking and being. Bring in a new fresh river of emotion and being!

A good exercise is to stand (to stimulating music or not) and shimmy your body from ‘hardly perceptible to shaking’. Eyes closed. Be aware of the breath. At the end of 45 minutes, lie down with eyes closed and just be the watcher. You will feel a peace and happiness. That state is the truth and is movement to a new expanded you! Fake the shake ’til you make it. Nothing like ‘freedom’ from the you that’s been fake news to yourself and others. Listen to your heart!
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