You’re a Rental

You’re a Rental

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 July 15, 2017
You possess ‘nothing’! However, it’s fine to possess, IF you’re not attached to what ever you possess, as it is always temporary. Fact is, you’re renting the body you’ve been given so you can show up ’til it’s time to enter the spirit world again. The ego gets very attached to the illusion of who you think you are as well as who you think others think you are. Your thoughts are ‘rental’ as you change them when they are misspoken, misrepresented, misinterpreted, or just hidden thoughts. 

Your friends, relatives, lovers, kids, and anyone passing through in your life are just temporary. You have a new car, a house and a summer home with its many accoutrements – they are not yours, but for the system that is legalized to protect them by rented lawyers and rented legal systems. What cannot be taken away from you is still rented as you are the rented or false self that you’ve come to identify yourself as. Bone heads will disagree because they have bought into the lies and illusions. Even though it’s fake, you can still buy into the fake illusion.
Time is a man made construct for convenience to move from point A to point B. Most of the world recognizes BC (now some refer to as BCE or before the common era) which means ‘before Christ’. AD 1 or ‘Anno Domini’ meaning ‘in the year of our Lord’. However, religion researchers such as independent scholar Acharya S or Dr. Robert Price have come up with no credible evidence of a Jesus having actually existed. Thus it’s another fake or rental that either in many cultures is not recognized or just flat out only so, if doing  business with a culture that does.

The case for rentals could fill books! The other day speaking with a Christian, I pointed out that no one can define god, particularly given the unconscious need to anthropomorphize god into a him or ‘father in the sky’.
All religions or non religions, like Buddhism, that exist are renting their stories out to people who are not adequately questioning them for validity, Hence, believers (who don’t know, but conjure up a sense of faith that they have the right beliefs, and are again stroking ‘rental’) are ‘fake news’. 

Another listener to the conversation said, ‘I can define god – god is love’. Aha! Very tricky since god can be anthropomorphized but love cannot! Perhaps the definition that any has of god is a ‘rental’? Most spend their lives avoiding love if truth be told, but claim to always be looking for more than they have of it. Chasing rainbows on a dark night or while sleep walking isn’t too productive. The key is to not be attached to what you think are not rentals, or even rentals. Love is a ‘rental’, but not the love that consumes one’s being!

Man: I never owned anything? God: That’s Right. You never owned anything.Man: Then? What was mine God: your MOMENTS.Every moment you lived was yours. Do Good in every moment Think Good in every moment Thank God for every moment Life is just a Moment. Live it…Love it… Enjoy it.

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