Honey Trap

Honey Trap

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May 15, 2017
Sex can be a meditative route to enlightenment on one end, and on the other end can be abusive for one persons sick thrills at the expense of happiness and freedom of choice for another … and even worse. Society at the top, meaning in government, is often compromised in such a way that, unbeknownst to the tax payers, is malevolently controlled by a small cadre of wealthy, power hungry males. Power tends to corrupt whether it keeps one or billions from being in a zoo like environment, it’s cause for everyone creating a positive approach to correction, and not just acceptance.

The ‘honey trap’ is seducing the intended victim into a compromising position so later when it serves those with the power to control for their own agenda, they can be coerced. A favorite ‘blackmail’ of politicians and those in power to serve is to ‘set them up’ and photograph a sexual ‘wrong’ often involving a child who prior was abducted from usually a poor, dysfunctional environment. It’s called ‘child trafficking’. The child is then abused over and over to have to comply with their captor’s wishes.  

A likely scene is where a CIA (or other agency) has a person specializing in ‘honey trapping’ set the situation up to create the intended victim into a photographed pedophile. (I’ve read where Obama’s mom was CIA and specializing in ‘honey trapping’). A possible scene is when the intended victim, a politician, is at a party or bar and his drink is surreptitiously spiked with a any drug that is an incapacitating agent drug leaving him slowly incapacitated rendering them vulnerable to a drug facilitated sexual assault, including rape. Then an adult woman acting as a prostitute and paid by the perpetrator seduces the victim to a hotel room. At the room, his drug is taking effect so that he becomes near unconscious, where the prostitute leaves, followed moments later by a trafficked child entering the room per his handler. Pictures are taken, and the victim is forever controlled by an act that would otherwise likely never have happened. When his voice or vote is needed by those holding power, he must comply by blackmail.

Are you caught in your own ‘honey trap’ chosen by your handler – YOU!? That trap may be things done in your past that broke the rule of, ‘“Whatever is hurtful to you, do not do to any other person.” Forgiving yourself and the deed(s) by repentance that shows up as a dedication to doing endless activity serving others well being is a rising in all aspects of consciousness.

Wisdom avoids the ‘honey traps’ of your life that elects to coast through life serving mainly yourself. All the seven or more deadly sins are honey traps. Underneath the honey trapped mind that serves itself is a divine being of love, but need your choice to use the keys to open. 

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