Post New Age Mindset

Post New Age Mindset
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 April 25, 2017
The past has been used up! The time has arrived where a new type of thinking must be used to save humanity from extinction. The age of meat and potatoes, black and white, this way or that is past. Unfortunately most are still in mental lockstep with what endless generations found to work, in their perception. The time has come to unlock what has been set in the mind with common sense delineation or discernment for the basics that eternally bring joy and harmony. It’s the opening of ‘Pandora’s Box to a new reality, the past one being mostly sent to the relic pile of time.
The world is moving into an unknown infinity of space and time, The world has become a space station that requires everyone possible to be aware of all that enhances a better flight, both in your body and beyond. 
One important ‘fix’ is seeing that there are two ways, or a ‘duality’ to most things, but that ‘programmed behavior’ will not work anymore.  Most everything has transcended from simple to being able now to move through complexities resulting in simple but more useful solutions. The world, and you, has reached a ‘fork in the road’, or as the baseball sage Yogi Berra once said, ‘’When you arrive at a fork in the road, take it.’’ A bit of humor, however it’s being more open to many possibilities sometimes referred to as ‘non duality’ ways.  
Ideas or insights, as well as inventions are in a constant non state of  changing for the better through improved communication leading from one place to seeking a better way. The so called ‘new age movement’ of the late 20th century was the dawning of new realizations, many seeming to be ‘questionable’ partly because of the early stages of thinking born out of a past ensconced in millenniums of set ways. 
As technology continues spiraling ahead, human kind has fallen further and further behind into an increasing gap between the two. And yet, we are entering an age when two ways of looking at things, such as conservative or liberal, are filled with inconsistencies creating more and more confusion. Recently, it has become more and move apparent that ‘manipulation, domination, and control’ of thinking, especially in or from the media, politics, and hidden groups is being exposed to those who open their faculties to more awareness. Conventional ways that seemed to work yesterday become passé tomorrow such as the LGBT transgender movement and the understanding of it by the masses.
One thing remains constant, but more important than ever to grow with spiraling changes, and that is looking within to be as heartfelt as possible. More and more love means a world that works more and more! If the world was perfect, it wouldn’t be!

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