Nothing from Nothing

Nothing from Nothing …
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April 27, 2017
Nothing from nothing leaves ‘nothing’! Today the world needs ‘something’ from you, or it’s nothing from nothing makes you a giver of ‘nothing’! The less insightful of course think that we come from nothing and end up as nothing. The mystic or more enlightened would look much deeper and see that the spirit or soul is always on a journey usually looking for a body appropriate for it to learn more that can only be learned in the physical body. Life is a mystery from childhood on, but for those who live in higher consciousness, the view of insights is infinite.

WE come naked into the world and leave with nothing but the inner growth or lack there of what we gathered or not. Living on a path of the material, or hankering for the material is to essentially avoid the reasons for the souls coming into this existence. 

In a sense, life has no purpose but to exist by breathing and making life sustaining decisions, as a child does do on their level. Running, chasing birds, being amazed by new discoveries and anything that makes life more enjoyable without knowing why, but as the child ages into adulthood, one chases different things, desires, and dreams. At any age whatever is pursued is best pursued playfully, joyfully, and without the addiction of attachment. Having anything is an illusion from the material to expectation from another, if attached. 

At the most, if a child could explain they would say about what they do, ‘Because I feel good. I enjoy, it is fun’, but there is no purpose. The very acts in themselves are beautiful, ecstatic. To be alive is enough, there is no need for any purpose. You enjoy because it feels good or right. You love because your heart and awareness are more deeply activated, but it’s best without expectation even though what might be assumed will happen.  

Life just is with no intrinsic purpose other than the one you happen to make up and give it. To be happy, one does not need to be purpose driven but to convert every situation to its best possibilities under the circumstances and in the moment. Following your instinct or intuition, life brings its gifts even if they may seem to be the opposite for they too can open unlimited doors to the next experience. Be like the child who is not so serious but enjoys. Children can play without asking where it’s leading or what the ulterior motive is. 

Do what is going to make you feel better in the moment and complicit with the higher approval of anyone involved. Expect nothing and accept the possibility that all will lead to nothing, but just the good feeling or joy of doing. Then whatever is, just is. Nothing is the emptiness to just be, what comes might be something! The process of realization is removal, not adding.

Letting go of this and that. Letting go of all concepts and preconceived ideas. Letting go of all of your thoughts, regardless of their nature. Good thoughts, bad thoughts dump them all, leaving nothing, no-thing. You are that. You are that no-thing. It will feel good to be nothing, instead of believing you are thoughts, and you are human, and you have a position to fulfill, and you have a mission? Be free and have a good sense of humor.

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