Escape From Heaven

Escape from Heaven
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April 23, 2017
Heaven is a verb, although it can be used however you desire. The experts of proper English, or whatever language, can get so exacting with what a word is that they lose it’s meaning with its infinite inflections or intents of meaning such as using a simple word, like ‘hello’, sarcastically, trivializing the meaning, heartfelt, robotic, etc. Most words can have whatever meaning as you subjectively engineered it to be. 

Religions, particularly the Abrahamic ones, have one word unique to them that holds all their messages together. That word is ‘Heaven”. Where is heaven? It’s in the air that’s for sure, and that may just be the air in the head! No one can escape from something that doesn’t exist, but then again you can escape from the belief of a belief which will be an escape. Does anyone have any credible, objective information on heaven or hell being ‘out there somewhere in the space of air’ from an experience of having lived there? Now keep in mind that just because you landed for a few minutes at an airport in New York, doesn’t really qualify as visiting NY, except if you want to cheat egotistically.

We are in heaven when the mind feels you are so, in the moment, and hell when you feel that you want to be in some other place desperately. Is heaven, when you feel love and nothing else? Is heaven a tool used for the salesmen of a religion to infer that their way is the way with eternal reward? Is heaven or hell just words of traveling in the journey of life?  A ‘catch phrase’? No religion says ‘dead is dead’ relative to the soul, just the body. The false you dies, leaving the real you. Or, does the ‘real you’ become clouded over by what negatives you haven’t let go of, or repented?  

Escaping from the world of everything being ‘black or white’, which is to escape from the ‘duality’ world that has ruled humans forever as higher evolved animals is outdated. Possibly for higher evolved human beings, a form of heaven, nirvana, and freedom can be different? It’s time to consider and live in a ‘non duality’ state of mind that within is open to all possibilities. 

Most create their own heaven or hell, usually alternating though lack of focus on one or the other by their actions and thinking. NO one knows if there are toilets in heaven, or you will meet your pet if billions of people and animals are there. What does a Jesus do there? More of the same he allegedly did here? How come non Christians don’t get to meet him there. Many non christian are more loving that most christians! Streets paved in gold I am told? What good is that? 

Skeptical scientists of the after life as well as those adept at communicating with those who’ve ‘passed over’ have proven that some souls hang around and communicate in one way or another. Maybe this is heaven, but more heaven when one is in the spirit. Be open, let go of negative traps from the past and love yourself deeply. In that freedom, you will be on the highway beyond the heaven that is routinely promised. and like the best things in life as ‘love’, it’s free as the ‘freeway to heaven and beyond’. 

Some of us are taught that death is sadness and others believe it is joyful because we get rid of our warn-out bodies so our spirit can move on and have more fun! Follow the music.

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