Openness Dialog

Openness Dialog

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May 6, 2017
The confused about who they really are, have endless arguments with themselves. The results are rarely clear and unimpeded by the higher elements of thought. What goes on is a coverup of what could be known to ‘them’ but for negative floating shrapnel in their heads. Behind this ‘coverup’ contains the secrets of what is really positive common sense to the more enlightened. The mind is like a drunk flailing for reasons that it has little control over, stumbling off the path of what would otherwise lead to best answers. Common sense elements mixed with shrapnel in the minds thinking will lead anyone to a dead end road.

The mind is friend or enemy, or better said a ‘frenemy’ that can’t seem to make itself up to see clearly that it’s always swatting flies without knowing that it isn’t necessary if you go to where the flies are not. Connection with the open heart, coupled with the awareness of empathy and compassion in communicating with others rather than initiating conflict is testament to higher thinking. 
An erratic river flowing in both ways or one battling engaging rocks is a situation better not being involved with. Dialoging flows in one direction with fluidity and harmony while each is seeking a best answer. Not a  debate or even a discussion where each can dress itself inappropriately for an uncomfortable atmosphere. Two people making the best love, look to tune into each others highest pleasure, and with the same goals. So it is in communication! Nothing hidden but having the eagerness to get to the point. Disagreement at it’s peak is fighting or warlike. 

Attacking with out knowing the facts or interpreting them is the choice of negative ways to a solution that is often revealing itself as only the problem. “People quarrel, because they can not argue”, G.K. Chesterton,  “People DO NOT argue, because they are afraid of the truth:, I.M. Gottfrei. Tune in and turn on from an open mind and heart, and answers come much easier with pleasure following. Speak with easy colloquial english or whatever language that breeds harmony. 

A better world needs people who are strong so they can be gentle. A world of the educated so humbleness prevails, but at the same time fierce so to be compassionate. So passionate that the rational arises, yet disciplined so you can be free. Be like the lotus flower, and you too will have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of the darkness and radiate into the world. Smooth traveling gets you to where you want to go faster. Eyes and heart wide open, and all you need is discernment.

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