Flickering Love

Flickering Love

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 March 26,2017
Never trust the flicker of the lights during a storm to be fully on in the next moment. Same are the hopes with those who love one minute, and in the next are filled with everything but love. Marcus Aurelius the emperor of Rome 161-180 (one of the few good emperors) said, “what doesn’t transmit light creates its own darkness.” Lights that flicker are losing electricity. The heart that loses it’s sense and feel of love is at a loss of the inner love of self. 

Weak and alternating love is a problem in anyone’s life. Fundamentally, the problem isn’t the problem but, rather the one who owns the problem, and that owner doesn’t exist. Hearts can be owned by outside forces that have been internalized and attached to. To own your heart you must not be beholden and run by the hurts and calamities of the past. The lack of  forgiveness it is a way of selling your heart out to something you may not be able to forget with  emotional attachment. Forgiving that which invaded your life unwantedly is necessary to heal the heart to stop the leakage of love energy. 
Faking love is an admonishment of the light within that awaits your choice to shine. Our personality is shaped by past experiences and conditioning. Our thoughts and actions are driven by embedded patterns that remain fixed in subconscious memory due to prior mental impressions. The mind then believes this bundle of conditioning to be it’s actual “self” is the mind that suffers in delusion. It’s the feeling and thought of the false “me”, but it’s no more real than an identity in last night’s dream.

Who you really are, often for most, is dimmed by the perceptions that have tranquilized the mind thereby clogging the heart from free and clear energy. You have power over your mind. Realize this and you will have the strength to use that power to unhook the poor energy trickle into the flow of love energy that is always potentially within at all moments. Always be looking at who you really are, and seeing in the light who you are not. The problem universally is that people stop looking at the inner qualities that are flickering inside but need you to give them energy.  

Walk with love and life with your feet on the ground, head in the stars, and the heart filled with the love that you are designed for here and now. Remember that as are your habitual thoughts, they will  also be the character of your mind; for the soul is dyed by the thoughts. Pay attention to that which hides behind the real you!  Arhata~

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