Streaking Talk

Streaking Talk
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March 13, 2017
Few things are as they seem! Running the mouth off in a naked harmony is heaven on wheels! An injection of truth and communication is good for the soul.  However, there seems to be a collective insanity in the world characterizing itself as apathy, anger, ignorance, lack of compassion and empathy, and a real lack of the courage to communicate and to love. On the positive side, the few exceptions create hope, but it’s hard for most to see the exceptions among the seeming mindlessness of this spiraling age of technology strapped with the obsession to bury the mind in it. Rushing to the stars is insane when most of the world is in poverty or at least weeks away from it. 

So the story goes that Alexander Graham Bell was raised by a mother who was deaf mute. When he cried as a child for food and support he often got no response over and over. As we know, Alexander Graham Bell invented the Telephone that makes us partially blind to communication.

The principle method of trust, motivation, and communication from ‘womb to tomb’ is our eyes and heart not words that come later  and very slowly, but a baby recognizes the attention of their mother by eye contact, smile, touch and feeling. Trust is learned, and trust for their survival on that. Not words. We don’t trust words because they say what we want them to say. Communication often becomes as phony as by the phone. There is often a major disconnect from words to results and action. 

Collective insanity! When there is no more room in Hell the dead will walk the earth! Cadavers walking with no purpose of the heart are roaming the world. Ask yourself the question, ‘who loves me’, and even who do I love? Seems we need to pay more attention to wondering where we are, who we are, and where is the love that is in plain availability – ‘in the air’! 

I define my perspectives on religion and politics as having no label, not the polarity of this or that called ‘dualism’. Life and love have no labels. It’s time now, in the moment to go beyond words and labels. Love is all around and in the here after. Time to ‘catch it’ and ‘step on the pursuit’, moving beyond the fears of abandonment of love. Love always is there, and by nurturing it as your garden, it becomes the garden of love.

Your attitude creates the atmosphere. Your attitude is the result of the way you think and feel. You communicate your attitude constantly with those around you. Create a positive attitude, filled with good feelings, and even just your presence will do wonders in situations. Be vulnerable with an open heart for love to blossom!

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