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 Jealous Ego
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March 2, 2017
Wanting what someone else has can be a good thing! A little jealousy is a godly gift just as the ability to feel hurt is. Without it there would be no heart connection or limits to our actions. Drama is part of life for what would life be like if whatever you felt, thought or experienced have just a positive outcome? Learning and growth would stop. There would be no right or wrong, good or bad. Without both sides and every possibility dullness would set in. Going to Las Vegas, and only winning money would close Vegas over night! No point in life going on!

Love is a two way street of giving and receiving. Jealousy on the other hand is a lonely one way street of taking more than the ‘object’ is willing to give. One way love is either selfless, or with attachment having selected the outcome of return, creates internal drama that basically is void of acceptance without sending love to the other. Often it results in a painful emotional state from anger, hurt, sadness, or the continuing want to possess that gives rise to jealousy. Jealousy has elements of the seven deadly sins such as ‘envy, gluttony, pride, lust, greed, and sloth meaning the avoidance of doing spiritual work. 

Children inevitably get what they call an ‘owie’ which is a minor bruise or scrape. An ‘owie’ jealous reaction is best solved by seeing that you are the ‘initiator’ of it even though there may be another good reason in your mind. An ‘owie’ that doesn’t heal by using common sense and a good dose of compassion for yourself as  well as what you think  caused it is best addressed by the biblical, ‘heal thyself’ first (Cura te ipsum). 

Drop comparisons that have been taught. You are unique and incomparable while knowing you are special. No one will ever be like you. Existence creates only originals and you’re one! Everyone has assets that need to be remembered and with the opportunity to create more. Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. In a sense, jealousy is made by you, particularly when it reaches high levels of discomfort. There is the old saying that creates jealousy, ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’. So what if true, maybe they are thinking the same about you. There is no moment like the present for it’s a ‘present (gift)’. 

Get jealousy out of your head! You have the best answers for you. Love yourself deeper and don’t forget to use the  awareness of common sense. You are a special face in the crowd of humanity. Give from the heart and the karma will return to warm the heart.
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