Whores of News

Whores of News
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March 10, 2017
The question is, ‘what are your limits to what you’d do for money’? Millions of otherwise nice people in America seem to compartmentalize or deny that their part of hurting or leading people astray with what they do. It’s a matter of personal integrity and ethics, yet earning money blinds many people to it’s affect on people, and with rationalizations. Selective communication is not communication with one other, and it’s pure evil if to millions who are left with half truths and garbled or ‘spun’ information so as not to offend those who pay the money to control what is said.

Those who have controlling positions to manipulate people in society, do so in many cases by ‘black mailing’ those who could have the ability to expose them as manipulators of information that you should want to know. Freedom is a scary word to those who control, particularly of the masses. At this stage of life, technology, innovations and communications are making it easier for the masses to obtain information, and on the other side is a fear of those who control money, that they will be exposed as having manipulated all means in information and laws to benefit themselves at the expense of all of the people.
The world is on the verge of being exposed as truth being hidden behind a ‘lot of lies’, and by the very few who control the money, laws, information, basic  freedoms and all forms of mind control that only the few can see. Those who control are like a magician who distracts you from what is really going on, and counts on you being too busy to see it. It’s really very simple, but until recently, the dark curtains hid a lot of truths, and they are still being unveiled. All humans have fear, like all living things for survival, but there is a difference between practical fear, like crossing the street, and psychological fear that you hang onto from previous traumatic and/or hurtful happenings, or the fears you take in from known or unknown power controllers to your freedoms.

Two of the deadly sins are ruling the earth, and they are greed and avarice or the accumulation of wealth and power through another deadly sin, ‘lust’. Ironically, the ‘hidden ‘eighth’ deadly sin is unconsciously nurtured by the masses called ‘acedia’ or apathy to assist the manipulators. We are moving into the age of awareness of who you really are beyond the false perception, and the truths covered by lies. Awareness and discernment which involves questioning everything leads to a purer love for you. Love can spread like wild fire into the world. There is more of a problem when you’re not part of the solution, and that includes your blindness though apathy. Open the doors to your innate brilliance.

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