Eyes of Planks

Eyes of Planks

November 19, 2016
The speck in your own eye has become not only a plank but many planks from seeing and manifesting the love within yourself. There is an old saying from the bible of being a hypocrite, and not taking the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. From that old metaphor of seeing your own internal blocks of seeing and relating in communion to others, it’s wise to remove the ‘blindness’ to see and be who you really are first.

None of those planks may mean you are not a wonderful person, but still remain one who has inner limitations to express the many qualities of love as deeply as possible. One can certainly have no inadequacies or limitations of any consequence in other endeavors, but the lack of self knowing and inner self love is missing the essence of the flowering of life’s godliness which surely is an opportunity that all should always reach for. Some have enough ‘planks’ in their eye that blocking love and intimacy qualities, which by the way affects many dealings in life communicating with others, that they live in personal darkness of a plethora of anxieties, depressions, fears, illnesses, and more for inner love fulfillment.

Remove the planks of negative habits one by one. Burying them with mendicants of drugs, alcohol, denial, or any form of belief system that results in you making friends with them while ‘feeding’ them is to only go deeper into a life of darkness. Be honest with yourself, seek someone who has few ‘planks’ or none as a spiritual advisor to assist you in finding your way into the light.  Ultimately, you are your own guru or answer to a more enlightened life. 
One who is climbing the ladder into the light is Sandi. Sandi is a 35 year old bright, Asian who is a gifted and successful business woman except for many inner planks or barriers, both from ‘cultural’ and general avoidance. She has a shield around her and insecurities around her ability to love. She has spent only 3 or 4 years in relationships that were very shallow with others who were likewise. After years of avoiding doing meditation and refusing to identify her barriers, in the past year, the ‘real being within her is stirring’ as she meditates and sees and feels more clearly. In the past, she never asked questions of ones she was involved with, never dealt with reasons in her childhood that were negative. Both ‘planks’.

Further, Sandi had spent a few years in an unfulfilling job in LA, and spent at least four stressful hours on LA’s slow moving packed freeways. Both major ‘planks’ to quality time and introspection. Another less obvious one was ‘dwelling’ on a variety of topics such as work that is a habitual plank. There are more planks that she is beginning to see because of meditating and being aware of herself. Many planks are hidden but removing one makes another visible, then if necessary, maybe more to remove.

Letting go is of paramount necessity for habits that are barriers to seeing the joy and bliss within. The fears of close communication and intimacy will happen by finding ways to let go of each plank in your life. Life will become a positive blessing and benediction when the love and light pour in unobstructed by any barriers within. Love is all around, just lift the ‘blinders’!

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