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November 20, 2016
The most important ‘singular’ word in our language really is an anachronism for what can only be known by the ‘I’ , allegedly and at best. The ‘I’ is sadly more an anomaly in the matrix than a reality. The ‘I’ that most see as themselves is just a coverup of the real consciousness that can see the objective, credible phenomenon including the real authentic ‘self’. In any language of all living things, only the human can at least point to the ‘I’ whether they can speak, or whatever language is used. 

I love you! Who, what, where is that ‘I’? What does it mean? Does it even need to be identified as it has the hidden question for those aware of ‘do you know who you are’, and is that ‘I’ fleeting and dependent on circumstances? Established in feeling, cut from thoughts, face I-ness, and as you face it, you find that it doesn’t exist It was only a useful word, a linguistic symbol – necessary and convenient, but not real. Even an enlightened Buddha used it. It is just a linguistic device. But when a Buddha says I, he never means I, because there is no one.

Who’s the ‘I’ who says, I think this or that? Is ‘I’ your hand, arm, head, heart – where and what is it? Is it just a word to  identify some aspect of a you even though it may be the superficial you. Does the inner depth have to even say, ‘I’?  Do people think using the ‘I’ is ego. For that matter, since we all need an ego, we also need an ‘I’. A small ego is a weak ego, or a weak ‘I’. A strong ego is one of ‘self confidence’ and self knowing as well as a stronger sense of ‘who am I. 

I am you, and you are me when all the so called paraphernalia is let go of from the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. We all breath air. There is one air altered only by outer influences. That same air is shared by all. Likewise there is one invisible soul that we each individualize and convert to an I, an ego, and infinite characteristics. It’s good to be a strong ‘I’ and a strong ego reflecting in a stronger sense of who you are, and having the active sense of loving yourself and another deeply without fears.  

Breath deep and slow for a comfortable time, being the watcher where words disappear, and you become a vibration with the air and existence. No ‘I’ or ego is there just a relaxed love and joy of being!

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